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Author Topic: Choose our King? Let the people decide. Votez Për on 55RZ21.  (Read 576 times)

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I remind everyone voting on this amendment to the 2017 Organic Law merely puts the question to a direct referendum of the people and does not actually enact the provisions.  We are merely asking the people to decide.

Let it never be said four and only four Senators thwarted the will of the people on this matter.  We must be able to periodically choose - or throw out - our elected Head of State who has in their purview the weight of Talossan culture and history as well as carries the power of legislative veto and is the chief of all heraldic and honorial matters in the Kingdom.

Voting Për on 55RZ21 does not depose John Woolley from the throne.  I suspect the Convocation will elect him for another seven years.

GV, Fiôvâ