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The Fritz Act
« on: February 03, 2020, 07:47:05 PM »
WHEREAS Sir Fritz von Buchholtz was a citizen of Talossa, and
WHEREAS he played a massively significant role in the modern development of the nation, and
WHEREAS he played a hugely significant role in the survival of this nation following major crisis, and
WHEREAS he was highly thought of and respected among the citizenry of this nation, and
WHEREAS Sir Fritz recently, and sadly, passed away, and
WHEREAS there exists an overwhelming desire among the nation's citizenry to honour Sir Fritz in some manner, so

Therefore be it resolved by the Ziu that:

A) Collection fund in honour of Sir Fritz

(i) A monetary collection fund is hereby established and it shall be known as the 'Sir Fritz Fund'.

(ii) Citizens may donate to this fund via the usual donation channel via the PayPal link on the Kingdom's website.  Upon making a donation to this fund citizens must specify that the donation is intended for the 'Sir Fritz Fund' using whatever comments/notes box is available on the applicable form.

(iii) The Burgermeister of the Inland Revenue is directed to forward the proceeds of this collection of funds, upon final prorogation of the 54th Cosa, to the Fredonia branch of the American Legion, an organisation that Sir Fritz was heavily involved with and held dear to heart.

(iv) Collection of donations for this purpose shall cease upon final prorogation of the 54th Cosa.

B) Extraordinary budget request

The Burgermeister of the Inland Revenue is hereby directed to release funds from the Treasury of no more than $80 (USD) for the purpose of purchasing a floral arrangement to be sent to the family of Sir Fritz. Words of condolence, on behalf of the Kingdom of Talossa, shall be included on a card sent with the floral arrangement.

C) Extraordinary status of this Act

The Ziu observes that this Act has been written by the Acting Minister of Finance, but recognizes that such an action has been authorized by the Seneschal and, as such, the Ziu recognizes this Act complies with the statutes within El Lexhatx that concern extraordinary and emergency appropriation requests.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
The Right Honourable Éovart Grischun (Acting Minister of Finance and Minster of the Interior, MC-PNP)
The Most Honourable Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN (Seneschal of the Kingdom of Talossa, MC-FreeDem)

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