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CAG 2021-2 Published

Started by xpb, July 11, 2021, 11:09:35 PM

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The latest version, 2021-2 of the Cézembrean Administrative Guide (CAG) has been published. 
Nomenclature has changed to the year followed by the revision number and will be updated at least with every election, major office change, or major piece of legislation, no matter how many may occur within a calendar year.
(The previous document was listed as 55-1 which used the Cosa session and revision number)

CAG 2021-2 can be found at

and has the updates of legislation approved after the previous revision, including
results of the most recent elections, and

A10 - The It's About Time Act (confirmed by the Crown on 19 January 2021)
A13 - An Act to Secure Homesteads on the Isle of Cézembre (confirmed by the Crown on 30 January 2021)

A map of all Homesteads may be found at

Of note:
Based upon recent executive actions that needed to be undertaken to clarify conflicting elements of the CAG related to elections and their possible conflict with polices as the level of the Talossan Chancery, there will likely need to be revision of various Articles.  Comments and suggestions as well as corrections to this document are encouraged to be placed within this discussion thread.