Cabinet for the 56th Cosa

Started by Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM, July 21, 2021, 09:48:02 PM

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Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM

Estimadăs és estimats citaxhiens!

Having been duly elected by the Cosă under Organic Law VI.5, I hereby appoint, under Organic Law VI.8, @Miestra Schiva as Distáin.

Under Organic Law VI.9, I humbly beseech @His Majesty the King of Talossa to appoint the following Cabinet:

@Gödafrïeu Valcádac'h as Minister of Culture and Defence Minister
@Ian Plätschisch as Minister of Finance
@Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù as Foreign Minister
@Senator Eðo Grischün as Minister of STUFF
@Françal I. Lux as Interior Minister
@Miestră Schivă, UrN as Attorney General

With the consent of the respective incoming Ministers, I also announce the following initial list of Deputy Ministers, with their special roles if any:

Deputy Interior Minister: @Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
Deputy Foreign Minister: @Françal I. Lux
Deputy Finance Minister: @Munditenens Tresplet

In Service,
Txoteu Davinescu, O.SPM
The Most Honourable General Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM

Senator for Maricopa, Kingdom of Talossa

Béneditsch Ardpresteir

Congratulations to the entire cabinet, and especially to my friend @Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
Béneditsch Ardpresteir, Esq., O.SPM, PMPA
Squirrel King of Arms, Royal Talossan College of Arms; The Noir Eagle Herald
Member, Royal Talossan Bar; Vice Admiral, Royal Talossan Navy; Owner-Schneiderian Steels

Justice of the Uppermost Cort; Attorney General; Deputy Immigration Minister; Senator; Member of the Cosa; Undersecretary of State; Premier & Provincial Secretary, Maricopa; Chancellor of the O.SPM; Dean, RTCoA; Jolly Good Fellow