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Title: The Dean's List
Post by: Béneditsch Ardpresteir on December 07, 2019, 05:36:57 AM
I'd like this to be a pinned post.

No one should make changes other than the Dean of the RTCoA

The following are the CoA request that'd be incorporated in the updated Dean's List

... and now I can't draw up a table. :(

Title: Re: The Dean's List
Post by: Béneditsch Ardpresteir on February 26, 2020, 07:17:08 AM

The Dean's List
Alexandreu Regeu/ Amada Merþedes Noir Eagle Herald06/12/2019Pending
Gödafrïeu Airignha Noir Eagle Herald03/04/2019Pending
Ministry of the Interior Noir Eagle Herald11/14/2018Completed
Ups Cotschneu 11/11/2018Pending
Ceitì Düscüda Wel - Met Fellow08/31/2018Pending
Antaglha Xhenerös SomelieirNoir Eagle HeraldDanihel Txechescu06/27/2018Change Completed
Þon Txoteu É. DavinescuJolly Good FellowCompleted10/13/201710/14/201712/26/2017
Jordan PlacieJolly Good FellowCompleted10/17/201710/17/201712/26/2017
Cresti d. I. NouacastraJolly Good FellowCompleted09/02/201710/17/201712/26/2017
Audrada RôibeardétJolly Good FellowCompleted08/28/201710/14/201712/26/2017
Precelseu Ruiçal IanücKingsbridge PursuivantPending/Inactive
Drew DillmanJolly Good Fellow07/30/2017Pending/Inactive
Fred ManalangJolly Good Fellow07/21/2013Pending/Inactive
Xherált Ups CantoûrJolly Good Fellow06/07/2013Pending/Inactive
Vernon RumreichJolly Good Fellow12/12/2012Pending/Inactive
T. A. ZilectKingsbridge Pursuivant03/30/2016?04/25/2016
Renalt da FhamulKingsbridge Pursuivant12/23/2015?
Ian PlätschischKingsbridge Pursuivant05/16/2015Completed05/22/201505/22/2015?
Eiric La CaritàOdd Fellow01/19/2015Finished?22/06/2015
Evan Txechescu06/11/2015Pending/Inactive
Solomò da Pharçia02/10/2015Pending/Inactive
Tráveç DunJolly Good Fellow01/01/2015Pending/Inactive---
Françal Ian LuxOdd Fellow11/27/2014Finished?12/17/201712/17/201712/26/2014 ?
BernardOdd Fellow09/21/2014Finished?09/22/201409/22/201410/12/2014 ?
Peter LiuKingsbridge Pursuivant11/13/2014Pending / Inactive
Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu--11/17/2014No Action
Cresti d. I. NouacastraKingsbridge Pursuivant10/29/2014Terminated