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Title: Announcement re: the Cabinet Code of Conduct
Post by: Miestră Schivă, UrN on September 23, 2020, 11:13:13 PM
The Cabinet Code of Conduct, endorsed by the incoming cabinet this very week, reads in part:

Cabinet members will also strive to conduct themselves professionally while interacting with the general
public and/or other officers of State while exercising their functions.

It is my judgement, as Seneschál, that Attorney-General Açafat dal Val has not been upholding this commitment when replying to (admittedly sharp, and in some cases unfounded) criticism (https://wittenberg.talossa.com/index.php?topic=507.0) from Opposition figures and members of the public, re: the Cabinet decision to withdraw our support for naming Sir A. Davinescù to the Uppermost Cort.

Further, the Code says:

The Seneschál is responsible for upholding this Code of Conduct, and shall publicly warn any violators.

I am doing so.

I will conclude by saying that I admire the Attorney-General's energy and enthusiasm and Talossan patriotism; I hope we can put the current unpleasantness behind us and move on to great things in the rest of this term.