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Title: [STUFF] Website is now "quantum entangled"
Post by: Eðo Grischun on October 10, 2020, 01:45:29 PM
A major update to the Talossa.com site has been implemented which "quantumly entangles" it with the TalossaWiki. 

This is fracking cool!

A number of pages on the website have had some code added to them that links those pages to data on the Wiki.  This means when something changes on the Wiki then the associated page on Talossa.com will automatically get updated with that change without the need for any further human interaction.  This will prevent certain webpages falling out of date and will also reduce the amount of work required by future Ministers of STUFF or Website PermSecs.

Phase one of this project is complete, which sees all the Cabinet Ministry pages on Talossa.com now having a "quantum link" to the Ministry pages on the Wiki.  The 'sidebar infobox' for each Ministry from each relevant Wiki page now appears on the respective website pages of Talossa.com and whenever the information within that box changes on the Wiki (such as a new office holder being appointed) the change will instantly and automatically reflect on the main website pages without any further human interaction!

These pages on Talossa.com are now 'timeless'

Additionally, The pages on Talossa.com for the OrgLaw and El Lexhatx have had the same treatment.  These pages now contain a "reference copy" of the law, which, again, is "quantumly entangled" to it's respective Wiki page.  Whenever the Scribe of Abbavilla updates the OrgLaw and LEX on the Wiki then the pages on Talossa.com for the OrgLaw and LEX will update themselves with those changes in real time!  How freakin' cool is that?

The next step in this project will be to do the same with the Civil Service pages (Secretary of State, Scribe, Archivist, et al.) and then do a deep dive and identify any other pages where this system could work and do it there too. 

This is a major leap forward for our website and helps future proof it so that the information contained on it is less likely to fall out of date, and it reduces the overall number of pages that require a manual update whenever a change happens.


Other changes to the website that have been made recently:

1 - A page redesign has happened on all the pages where the new "quantum" system has been added.  This redesign has amended the layout a bit to make things fit together better and to also bring some uniformity to the pages (before this change, the Ministry pages all looked wildly different from each other).

2 - A "contact us" page has been created and added to the main menubar.  This new page lists the public @talossa.com emails for the chief offices of State and Government.  (Credit for this goes to the new PermSec for WebMonkey Business, @Adam Grigoriu )

3 - The top menu bar and page-tree structure (or sitemap) has been changed a little.  This is primarily to ensure that there is room for things to fit nice and neat.  The changes made here are:
3.1 - The menu items "The King" and "The Realm" have been merged into a single menu item "King & Country".  Within that menu item the 2 previous items of "The King" and "The Realm" now appear as sub-items.
3.2 -  A new menu item titled "Law" has been created and within that you will find "The Judiciary" (which has been moved there from the "Government" menu item) and also the pages for OrgLaw and LEX.
3.3 - The aforementioned "Contacts" page had been added to the menu.

4 - The Pages for "The King" and "King John" have been merged into one single page.  There was very little benefit to having them be separate and the only reason things were like that was that it was a hangover from the transfer from the old KoT.net site.  So, now those pages are one single page, with a bit of a layout redesign, and things looks a bit neater.

5 - The page for "History of the Monarchy" has had the layout design updated to look a bit nicer and also a lot of the content text has been edited to read more like an informative articles and less like the copy and paste mess that much of it read like before.  Some bias was removed and some present tense passages (related to King John) made to be past tense.

Title: Re: [STUFF] Website is now "quantum entangled"
Post by: Miestră Schivă, UrN on October 10, 2020, 01:53:27 PM

Honestly I think Eðo is going to go down in history as the greatest Minister of STUFF in years.
Title: Re: [STUFF] Website is now "quantum entangled"
Post by: Eðo Grischun on October 10, 2020, 01:54:59 PM
Attached:  Example of Ministry page with it's "entangled" Wiki infobox
Title: Re: [STUFF] Website is now "quantum entangled"
Post by: Açafat del Val on October 14, 2020, 11:41:54 AM
Eðo, these efforts are to be more than merely commended!

Thank you for all your time, dedication, and hard work!!
Title: Re: [STUFF] Website is now "quantum entangled"
Post by: Eðo Grischun on October 16, 2020, 01:28:30 AM

The Civil Service pages have now been updated with the same "quantum entanglement" system along with some other general cleaning up.

* All civil service pages have been married to their wiki page infoboxes, so whenever a change of office occurs in the Civil Service that change only needs to be updated on the Wiki and the website will automatically update itself with same.
* The Royal Society didn't have a page on the website, so that has been created.
* The College of Arms page was a bit of a mess with broken links and bad layout (all unsettled issues from the previous migration from old website).  This page has been cleaned up and brought up to date with as much info as I could find.
* The Royal Talossan Bar page has been brought up to date and changed to be the National Bar of Talossa.  Again, as much up to date info as could be found has been used here.
* All Civil Service pages have had a facelift and general tidy up.

Next tasks will be dealing with the Ziu and Judiciary pages.