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Title: Is the Senäts allowed by law to hold its own 'Living' session? No.
Post by: GV on March 10, 2021, 02:38:05 PM
I'm pretty sure the government will not fall this month via the VOC, which means we can forge ahead with a Living Senäts for next month's Clark, but done virtually via Zoom or other videoconferencing app.

My hope is to get the event done early in next month to allow for technical mishaps and the like.  Ergo, let's get discussion going on rules for parliamentary procedure, proxies, etc.

Firstly, the 2017 Organic Law does not specifically allow the Senäts to hold a 'Living' session as it does the Cosâ (IV.11).  However, the 2017 does not specifically disallow the Senäts to hold an in-person session of its own. 

However, Lex.H.25.4 is clear: a 'Living Senäts' is currently not allowed under Talossan law, which lives into the 2017 OrgLaw omission of the Senäts from 2017OrgLaw.IV.11

In my opinion, it will take an OrgLaw referendum for us to be able to independently administer our own 'Living' sessions independent of the Cosâ.  Of course, appropriate changes to El Lex will be in order should such an amendment pass.

Many apologies to all for not seeing this sooner.  We will not be able to legally hold a 'Living Senäts' in-person or virtually until this legislative roadblock is remedied.  I will be hoppering legislation, hopefully for inclusion in next month's Clark, and when I have it hoppered, I will let you all know as a reply to this thread.

Thanks, all!

GV, Mençéi
Title: Bill hoppered.
Post by: GV on March 10, 2021, 03:15:44 PM

Take a look, please, everyone.  I don't want any lizards to get past our eyes on this one.