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Title: [PRIME MINISTRY] The Witt Switch Is Happening NOW
Post by: Miestră Schivă, UrN on January 04, 2020, 05:36:18 PM
Estimadâs és estimats citaxhiêns!


As of today 49 citizens of Talossa, one former citizen who struck out and one prospective are registered on New Wittenberg.

The government previously set a target of 50 citizens. We believe that this is close enough for Government work.

Therefore we officially decree that New Wittenberg at wittenberg.talossa.com is now "Wittenberg" as referred to in El Lexhatx Title J, and all official business - Government, Ziu, Corts and the Royal Civil Service, will henceforth be carried out there.

We also humbly request:

- that the Secretary of State and the Chancery quickly move towards establishing standards of "Wittiquette" and methods of enforcing the same, as mandated in El Lexhatx Title J;
- that (if possible) henceforth posting new threads should be disabled on "Old Witt", although responding to existing threads should be left open for a while. If this is not technically possible, then @the King and the SoS should strongly encourage this behaviour.

We are aware that @Ián Tamorán is still having trouble accessing the talossa.com domain, and until these issues are sorted out, he gets a special dispensation to continue to post on OldWitt.

Questions? Comments?

(Holy balls, I think I just realised that the SoS is not actually registered for New Witt yet!)  :o