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[INTERIOR MINISTRY] Updates from the Bureau of Immigration

Started by Eðo Grischun, December 04, 2019, 04:07:30 AM

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Eðo Grischun

A) The backlog of immigration applications have been processed and all applicants contacted. At this time I have dealt with everything that appears to be outstanding. Some of these applications go back a while, so they may be lost causes, but they have been approached all the same.

B) I have recreated the contact form on the Kingdom's website using a new software plugin. The front end of the form looks identical to how it's been for ages. The back end gives us a little bit of magic.

First, the initial contact phase of an application is now automated. Before, when an application was received, some time would pass before somebody got round to checking their emails and then send replies with a canned response. This canned response was simply a welcome message along with instructions to go create a forum account here on Witt. This was just wasted time. Now, this response is automatic. A simple autoresponder sends that email direct to the applicant within a few minutes, meaning the initial application, initial response and welcome from the Kingdom and Wittenberg account creation can all happen in a matter of minutes.

Second (and this is the really cool bit), the details submitted on the application form are now fed into a database. This database is on the admin backend of the Kingdom's website. This means we no longer rely on email to receive new applications, which means nothing ever getting lost in spam ever again. We now have a nice & neat database table displaying applications which is updated as soon as a new applicant hits submit. It also means that if a future immigration official drops the ball on the applications, someone else can access the database and instantly get to the missed applications. No more chasing people down to forward weeks and months worth of lost or forgotten about applications.

Bureau of Immigration,
Ministry of the Interior.
The Rt. Hon. Senator Éovart Grischun S.H.

Distain and Minister of STUFF
Senator of Vuode


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