My thoughts on the Future of Talossa, and the current election

Started by Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir, March 16, 2022, 08:02:28 PM

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Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir

So, once again we find ourselves coming to the polls to decide our next government, and the stakes have never been higher, with the soul and the future of the very country at stake.
Lack of immigration has been an issue of late, which has been, in my opinion facilitated by the lack of activity in the Country, which is an issue on both the Government side, but it is a lot more systematic in the opposition, which honestly barely exists, and acts as a vote suck, whilst presenting to have the answers whilst breaking their electoral promises when the opportunities presented themselves, and not forming or acting like an opposition party, than old pensioners reminiscing and complaining about past days. Which is more damaging than helpful.
If there were more ideas floating, more discussions, debates, honesty and integrity in the country, especially from the opposition parties, which besides election time are just absent, then that would go a long way to help bring more interest and activity in the country. As well as more provincial activities, and inter provincial engagement, like competitions and joint ventures, politically and culturally, which i think, will also be worth trying to implement again, although this requires effort on all sides, which is lacking, and i think this apathy is what is killing talossa, which will just get worse if the opposition gain power.

And a Key ongoing debate is the monarchy, as since the referendum which voted for changes of some kind, there have been several attempts to make reforms, and has had support from the opposite side, however, at the last minute, they back out from supporting, despite winning seats off their support for those reforms. And i hope this betrayal is seen in this election. And that the most recent measures are eventually bought for a vote and pass, as monarchy reform is desperately needed as that has been a thorn in the side of progress in talossa since i have been around.

I do love being apart of this country, and want to see it flourish, more debate, and enjoyment around the place, as that has been lacking. We need to work together, and when we have ideas of what to change, to put them forth, debate, and refine those idea's together, or argue for or against certain idea's, but this is a lost art, that needs to be revived with a competent opposition, as a government relies on these debates to bring out the best of a government.

I continue to throw my support and weight behind the FreeDems and our electoral platform, which i hope we are able to win the support of the nation to push forward, as i believe it is only with Miestra back, and the vision of the whole party, that Talossa stands a chance of recovery. But i also know that we also need an effective opposition in the next Cosa.

But regardless, Vote for the FreeDems for the next Cosa if you also believe the best chance of positive change lies in our hands.

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Party Secretary of the Free Democrats of Talossa
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