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Author Topic: Immigration form improved and modernised  (Read 443 times)

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Immigration form improved and modernised
« on: March 17, 2020, 02:20:50 AM »
The citizenship application form has been given a major overhaul to give it a modern look and feel.  Key features are new collapsible sections (to improve aesthetics and make things much less cluttered), conditional fields (so that when certain fields become irrelevant due to an earlier answer the field is not displayed (again, improved aesthetics and usability)) and the implementation of a declaration section to ensure compliance with the Pete Townsend Act.

You can check out the live pages here:

Here are some screenshots of how these changes look:

1) The first change is the splitting up of the immigration landing page.  The old page had a load of text followed by the form below it.  I now have the landing page just having the text with the form on it's own page.  New artwork has been created to improve aesthetics and "grab attention".  Multiple links are included on the landing page as 'calls to action' which lead to the new immigration form.

2) The first new feature of the improved immigration form is an age confirmation.  This is a conditional field where the form won't load until the applicant confirms the statement.

3) Once the applicant confirms they are 14 or older, the rest of the form loads.  As you can see it is all nested into collapsed sections, which have been categorised and titled.  Clicking each section will un-collapse it and reveal the questions within.

4) Example of a section once opened.

5) Conditional fields.  I can't really screenshot this, but an example would be the question on Micronations.  We have 2 fields for this.  The first being a yes/no question on whether you have experience in micronations.  The second being a 'tell us more' textbox.  Obviously, if you answer no in the first field then the second field is useless.  So, now we have the second field being conditional on the first.  That second field doesn't load into the form until the first question is answered with 'yes'.  If it is answered 'no' then the second field remains hidden.  If you want to see this in action you can try it out on the form (please don't submit the form though if you are playing around with it).

6) Pete Townsend.  The addition of a new field which is ask the applicant to tick a checkbox if they agree with a statement, which reads "I affirm/swear, under penalty of perjury in Talossan law, that the information I have provided in this citizenship application is accurate and true."

7) Fully tested and works fine with the automated immigration database and email autoresponder.

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