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Now that elections for the Ziu have taken place (with congratulations to all those who stood as candidates and thanks to those who voted) as also posted at https://wittenberg.talossa.com/index.php?topic=2101.0


This information mirrors information sent via email cezembrelandoffice@gmail.com to Cézembre citizens and supplements https://wittenberg.talossa.com/index.php?topic=2096.0. There may be subsequent adjustment, if there is any change in the post of Sénéchal.

As Le Sénéchal I shall conduct the upcoming election for l'Etats de Cézembre according to existing law, and the administrative authority vested in this office.  I have invoked Article 8 of the constitution to hold local elections, and am updating the previous proper notice both in this forum and via email.  Cézembre election law is found within the constitution and various amendments quoted for reference after this proclamation.

There is no specific l'Etats election act, but there are procedures established in subsequent Sénéchal and Lord Warden election acts that will be adopted as administrative procedures for this election.

As to authority to act

1.    Until such time as there is another candidate for Le Sénéchal, I shall continue in office and there shall be no election for Le Sénéchal following the procedure of the Lord Warden election act enacted subsequent to the Sénéchal election act and establishes Cézembre election procedure and which states "no election will be held and the sole candidate will be considered elected to the position." should I remain the sole candidate as the existing officer.

2.   Should there be another candidate for Le Sénéchal, I would immediately withdraw my candidacy for continuance in that office, and should that person remain the only candidate, then they would be elected in a similar manner.  I offer to become the conducting officer for the election of l'Etats if desired by the new Sénéchal, or that person could assume that duty, or that person could decide to ask the Chancery to conduct the election.

3.   Should there be more than one candidate for Le Sénéchal other than myself, I would again immediately withdraw my candidacy for continuance in that office, but would continue as the conducting official of the election of the new Sénéchal as well as l'Etats.

Should my authority to act proceed, then I proclaim that the election for l'Etats shall proceed by nomination by name of any Cézembre citizen to serve in l'Etats.   Those citizens named as candidates may identify with no party, or one party, or multiple parties as they wish, however, votes shall be cast only for the name listed on the ballot which must be declared in the nomination period defined in the first week of the election period, with voting taking place in the second and third week of the election period.  These can be self nominations, or nominations by Cézembre citizens of other Cézembre citizens who subsequently affirm their intent to stand for election within the nomination period.

In the past, there were issues of potential confusion between votes for parties and votes for persons, which were subsequently combined for purposes of allocation of seats within l'Etats.  There were also issues with rules that the Chancery must follow regarding write in votes which are not part of Cézembre law which result in vacant seats due to the lack of a representative of a party for those votes cast.

The times of the election based upon the constitution and the existing Chancery election to the Ziu shall establish the first week of nominations on until Februrary 8 19:30 TST (February 9 at 0230 CZT) and the election February 8 – February 22 19:30 TST (February 23 at 0230 CZT).  Candidates are encouraged to make their self-nominations known even prior to the election in the appropriate thread on Wittenberg, or via email, and as early as possible within the nomination period to assist in the balloting process.  Those who nominate someone else should communicate their wishes to the nominee such that the candidate may affirm their standing within the nomination period.

The election will take place in an official voting thread, or via the electionbuddy.com system which has been tested and found satisfactory and conformant to the requirements of the constitution, or via email, or telephone, or postal mail as any individual Cézembre citizen may desire when the official ballot is issued. (Note: electionbuddy can be used without cost for up to 20 voters, and the current population of Cézembre is currenty 19.)

Those who wish to raise questions with this proclamation are advised to bring said questions to the Wittenberg thread before the end of the nomination period.  This will be the place for any adjustment of the process, however, those not satisfied may seek relief via Cort Pü Inalt as per Article 19 & 20 of the CAG.  This proclamation, after ratification by the Governor-General also will be sent via email to those who do not participate in these forums for response.

X. Pol Briga a.k.a. xpb

Specific references to the CÉZEMBREAN ADMINISTRATION GUIDE (hereinafter CAG) follow with full document found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XCY--bYdWUBIhpNAARCSMt56yNcuJtbb/view?usp=sharing

Constitution of the Sovereign Province of Cézembre
From Article 1.  ...Cézembre is an autonomous and self-governing...

From Article 7. ...l'Etats shall consist of no more and no less than twenty (20) seats.
Seats in l'Etats de Cézembre can only be assigned to citizens of Cézembre. Citizens may hold more than one seat, but no more than six. One seat cannot be divided among nor assigned to more than one citizen.

From Article 8 ... The Sénéchal (or the Governor-General in case the Sénéchal has been absent
for more than one week) may request the chancery not to conduct those elections in no less than one week before balloting day. If the Sénéchal (or Governor-General) makes such a request, the Sénéchal (or the Governor-General) shall conduct the elections in accordance with provincial election laws and rules.

Article 11. Le Sénéchal shall be the elected leader of Cezembre. Le Sénéchal shall have the power to issue proclamations which have the force of law. These proclamations may be appealed or amended as regular laws. These proclamations may not act as acts of attainders or any activity prohibited by the Organic Law (with regards to Prime Dictats). These proclamations must be counter-signed by the Governor-General (or the King, in case of, by lack of appointment or by long-term absence, a Governor-General).

Article 14. Elections as described by article 10 will take, no less and no longer than 3 weeks. Cézembrians must announce their candidacy in the first week of the election and polls shall open on the first day of the 2nd week and close on the last day of the third week.

Article 15. Elections, as described in articles 10 and 11 will start no earlier than one week and no later than two weeks after the election deadline of Talossan general elections or after a resolution has been approved by a majority of the l'Etats de Cézembre removing the previous
Sénéchal or should the Sénéchal, resign, die or be unable to fulfill his duties for any reason.