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La Curantoina [Ep. 3]

Started by Sir Lüc, April 09, 2020, 12:33:07 PM

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Sir Lüc

Azul all, back for another episode of La Curantoina. As usual, you are all invited to take part, or to watch and chat live with us.

La Curantoina ep. 3 will be either on Friday 10th or on Saturday 11th, depending on attendance, at the usual 8:30 PM UTC / 3:30 PM TST time slot.

This time, we should have a far richer Kahoot live quiz - that everyone can play, including those watching the stream! - and likely a very important language-related announcement.
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Glüc da Dhi S.H.

If the idea is still that I will make the kahoot, then perhaps we should wait until the fourth edition, because I might not be ready in time (also, if it's on saturday I'm not sure I'll be able to attend. I will still try to be there cause I much enjoyed the last two editions.)

(Of course someone else could do it as well)
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