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Started by Baron Alexandreu Davinescu, May 03, 2023, 07:52:25 AM

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Baron Alexandreu Davinescu

I've been thinking for a while now about our state symbols, and the dignity thereof.  Thus, the Ziu recently changed its arms (although the Cosa and Senats have not yet officially adopted emblazonments of the new blazons).  And that put me in mind of the crown.

As we can see on the state arms, it's a very traditional-looking crown.  It's actually taken from Wikipedia -- it's a slightly modified version of the Heraldic Royal Crown of Spain, as created by legendary Wikipedian "Heralder."

The file can be found here:

This bothers me a bit.  First of all, it's not actually representative of Talossa.  The gems have been recoloured to red and green, but otherwise its symbolism does not reflect our country.  We are not and never have been an empire, so the orb is not appropriate, for example.

Secondly, this isn't historical.  His Majesty doesn't have a crown.  None of our monarchs have had crowns.  We have a very specific chapeau, instead: the traditional Romanian train conductor's hat (actually an oldMilwaukee fire department dress hat).

It seems to me that it would be good to replace the vector image of a "traditional" but actually not traditional crown with the real thing.  And in fact, it might be good to try to find a new old Milwaukee fire department dress hat, for that matter.


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Üc R. Tärfă

May it please the Coletx,

It' true that we never had a "real" crown, but in our state arms since 1987 there has been a Crown. I'll consider a proper crown to be traditional both to Talossa 35 years of continued use of it in the Arms and as the universally accepted symbol of a Monarchy in arms even if not really used or existing. (Example: the Kingdom of Italy 1861-1946 had a crown in its arms but a real crown was never fabricated because we didn't perform Coronations and existed only in the descriptions). Regarding the Orb on top of the crown, since the middle age it's a symbol of regal authority and it's not exclusive of empires.

We can make it more "talossan", I just used a general and good svg crown when I remade the vector graphic.

But I'll agree to trying to find a new old Milwaukee fire department dress hat or similar, for the use of our King.
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Based on the various images on the wiki (both of KR1 and Art Verbotten) it would appear that we could make a vector of a peaked cap work, altering it to be more accurate to the crown in appearance. It does not necessarily have to be exact -- some artistic license is acceptable -- but that could make for a good starting point.
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