Nominations open for Le Sénéchal de Cézembre 9 Oct to 16 Oct

Started by xpb, September 16, 2023, 11:01:21 AM

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As per the Cézembre Administration Guide Article 15. Elections, (which include those for l'Etats de Cézembre and Sénéchal (as described in articles 10 and 11) will start no earlier than one week and no later than two weeks after the election deadline of Talossan general elections or after a resolution has been approved by a majority of the l'Etats de Cézembre removing the previous Sénéchal or should the Sénéchal, resign, die or be unable to fulfill his duties for any reason.

In this instance the Cézembre elections shall be called to start on 9 October, 2023. 

Article 14. Elections as described by article 10 will take, no less and no longer than 3 weeks. Cézembrians must announce their candidacy in the first week of the election and polls shall open on the first day of the 2nd week and close on the last day of the third week.

Thus, nominations for Le Sénéchal de Cézembre shall be accepted from 9 to 16 October, 2023.  There is no restriction on declaration of intent to pursue the office, as long as there is a definitive nomination made within the specified time frame, either in this thread, or via email.  This information will be sent by email to all citizens at the start of the election period, such that they could respond should they not be observant of this forum.

Chapter III- Le Sénéchal

Article 11. Le Sénéchal shall be the elected leader of Cezembre. Le Sénéchal shall have the power to issue proclamations which have the force of law. These proclamations may be appealed or amended as regular laws. These proclamations may not act as acts of attainders or any activity prohibited by the Organic Law (with regards to Prime Dictats). These proclamations must be counter-signed by the Governor-General (or the King, in case of, by lack of appointment or by long-term absence, a Governor-General).

As Le Sénéchal de Cézembre I shall conduct the election if there are other candidates declared between 9 and 16 October.

A8: The Sénéchal Elections Act Approved: 31 December, 2013


the Cézembrean Constitution does not specify the exact procedure for electing a Sénéchal, now


l'Etats declares the following to be the correct procedure for the election of a Sénéchal, in accordance
with the Constitution of Cézembre:

1. The dates of the election shall be determined in accordance with the Constitution.

2. If the Conducting Officer, designated by the Constitution decides to run as a candidate, he/she must appoint someone else to act as Conducting Officer in his/her stead.

3. Before the election starts, the person conducting the election must request and be granted access to the Cézembrean section of the electoral database, in accordance with the Provincial Minions Act.

4. All candidates contesting in the election may choose to elect a representative to supervise the elections.

5. A candidate representative as appointed according to clause 4 must be a citizen of Talossa, may not be a candidate in the election, and must request and be granted access to the Cézembrean section of the electoral database, in accordance with the Provincial Minions Act.

6. Before the start of the nomination phase the Conducting Officer will send all voters an email explaining the election procedures. This message must be posted online as well to ensure voters who did not receive the email have the chance to notify the Conducting Officer of the mistake, so it can be fixed.

7. If the Conducting Officer is notified of a change in email address, he/she must report this change to the chancery.

8. The election will be conducted using Ballotbin or a similar automated ballot that is capable of conducting the elections in accordance with the provisions of this act.

For 8. the method being used for those who wish to participate by secret ballot is, as is being used in the current election for Lord Warden and has been used in previous elections for l'Etats de Cézembre which currently has no charge as long as there are 20 or fewer citizens being polled.  This could support a larger number of citizens overall at no charge if some citizens were to declare that they would vote in public and not require a secret ballot - I have always done that, and so declare, so this system would support a population of 21.  Should that number be exceeded, and no others declare that they would vote in public, there would need to be a way to generate the funds to conduct the secret ballot through a robust outside organization.  One way to do this would be for a winning candidate to pay a fee, such as occurs for Senators in the realm.

þerxh Sant-Enogat

I am pleased to nominate myself as a candidate to become the next Sénechal de Cézembre.
You may know I have long time personal ties with our beautiful Island.
If you elect me, I would like to develop the activity in our Province, with l'Etats de Cézembre simplify our laws and make them clearer and more accurate, foster democracy and inclusion of all volunteers, and encourage the blooming of a specific culture for our off-shore paradise.
Liberté, Dignité, Hilarité !
Vivadra la Provinçù Soveran da Cézembre !
þerxh Sant-Enogat, SMC, MC
Seneschal, Minister of Immigration, Minister of STUFF,
Sénéchal de Cézembre,
Duceu del TNC / Congreßeu Naziunal da Talossa
Former Prospective Citizen