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Appointment of a Senator for Benito

Started by Sir Lüc, October 29, 2023, 04:01:58 AM

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Sir Lüc

Appointment of Iason Taiwos to fill the Senatorial vacancy for the seat of Benito

To the Secretary of State, @Sir Txec dal Nordselvă, UrB , to the Acting Lord President of the Senate, @GV , and to all whom this may concern:

Hear ye, the following.

I, Sir Lüc da Schir, by all powers conferred unto me as the sitting Maestro of Benito, and specifically pursuant to article III, section 7 of the Organic Law, do hereby appoint

S:reu Iason Taiwos

to the Senatorial vacancy created by the resignation and renounciation of S:reu Eiric S. Börnatfiglheu.

May I be the first to congratulate Senator Taiwos in his capacity as the new Senator for our beloved province.

Done today the 29th of October 2023/XLIV, from the Benitian Capitol, Riverside Sextieir, Lançacuratx/Garibaldi Canton,

--Sir Lüc da Schir, Maestro of Benito
Sir Lüc da Schir, UrB
Directeur Sportif, Gordon Hiatus Support Team

In my free time:
Túischac'h dal Cosă / Speaker of the Cosa
Wittmeister & Permanent Secretary of Backend Admin / Secretar Parmanint per l'Aðmistraziun del Backend
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Congradulation to the new senator.

Mximo Carbonèl
Senator from Florencia
Mximo Carbonèl
Florencia Senator