The Túischac'h Election Tweaking Act

Started by Sir Lüc, November 01, 2023, 11:29:36 AM

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Sir Lüc

WHEREAS, the process to elect a Túischac'h is essentially fine, but is worded weirdly; and

WHEREAS, there was a reason why it was worded this way, namely to use the device of the "petition" to let a headless Cosă organise itself and have the Chancery merely proclaim the results; and

WHEREAS, however, this may open the door to all sorts of recourses in case the procedure is not followed to the letter; and

WHEREAS, it may be desirable to reword the procedure to allow a little leeway in the actual way the election is conducted, while keeping the essence of the process unchanged; so

THEREFORE, El Lexhatx H.21, which currently reads:

Quote21. The Cosa shall elect the Túischac'h as follows.
    21.1. At any time between the Election Deadline and the following Dissolution of the Cosa, any Member of the Cosa shall be empowered to publish and open for signatures a petition nominating an eligible person for the office of Túischac'h.
    21.2. Once a petition is published, any eligible Member of the Cosa shall be empowered to second the nomination by countersigning the petition in public.
    21.3. Members may not second multiple nominations concurrently; if a Member wishes to support a different petition, he/she shall first publicly retract the earlier countersignature.
    21.4. Following any number of petitions, presented as above and supporting the same candidate, being signed or counter-signed by members currently representing an absolute majority of seats in the Cosa, the candidate named in the petition(s) shall be declared by the Secretary of State to be the Túischac'h.
    21.5. Petitions may not be carried over from one vacancy in the office of Seneschal to Túischac'h. Once a Túischac'h is elected as above, all petitions shall be made moot.

is amended to read:

Quote21. The Cosă shall elect the Túischac'h as follows.
21.1. Should the position of Túischac'h be vacant and a majority of Cosă seats be filled, any Member of the Cosă may either nominate one eligible person for the office of Túischac'h, or second such a nomination made by another Member of the Cosă.
21.2. Members of the Cosă may not nominate or second multiple different nominees.
21.3. Should the Secretary of State determine that an eligible person has been nominated and seconded by members currently representing an absolute majority of seats in the Cosă, the Secretary of State shall declare the person to be duly elected as Túischac'h, to serve until the Dissolution of the current Cosă.

Ureu q'estadra så,

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