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[TERP] Finance

Started by Ian Plätschisch, November 28, 2023, 09:46:11 PM

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Ian Plätschisch

I rise with a question for the Finance Minister.

The Budget is required to be presented by the second Clark. We are all aware of the unfortunate circumstances which have prevented the budget from yet being introduced. My question is not so much "where is the budget" and more so whether there are any plans (such as a month of recess) to allow the Budget to be prepared in time.

Sir Lüc

Er, not sure who's business it is to redirect this Terp, since the questioner is a Senator rather than an MC - but in case it's mine, a week having elapsed, the Seneschal @Bråneu Excelsio or a Deputy Finance Minister may now answer in the Finance Minister's stead.
Sir Lüc da Schir, UrB
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Bråneu Excelsio

I thank the Senator and the Túischac'h for the question.

I first want to ackowledge that I'm deeply sorry for not having called a month of recess during november. I'm very grateful for the suggestion of having a month of recess. When I saw this terp it was too late for that. That I regret.

I'd like to add that, even if the question is not "where is the budget", I can assure you we have 80% of the Budget bill ready the moment I'm writing this answer, in the hopes of having it ready this week.

I'm not sure of what are the consequences of not having it ready, and I have asked the Secretary of State of what could potentially happen, and we're at that point in the conversation. I aim for transparecy and I also like to extend the people my apologies for this situation.

It will be 100% ready for the 3rd clark, given that I declared January 2024 as a month of recess. I'm willing to deal with the consequences of not having it ready for the 2nd Clark, whatever they are.

Thank you for your understanding, suggestions and kindness. It's very appreciated.