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Started by Tierçéu Rôibeardescù, July 19, 2020, 05:52:59 PM

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Tierçéu Rôibeardescù

My Guys, Gals and non-binary pals
It was the 80's since we Talossans stepped foot on our provincial soil. I intend to help organize a trip back to the island so we may re-plant our flag where it belongs. There is a company based out of st malo France that charters boats out to the island for as little as 16 euros a head.
Those who are interested let me know :D
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Ián Tamorán S.H.

I would love to have the opportunity of visiting my home province! Although I am very, very remis in not speaking our language, I do speak French - which we will need in order to get a coffee and croissant at the beach cafe. Keep me informed, and I look forward to waving my walking stick at the puny barriers that try to limit our nation.  ;)
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