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Being Who You Are

Started by Sevastáin Pinátsch, December 13, 2019, 09:46:30 AM

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Sevastáin Pinátsch

As I've watched the signups start to increase on this new property, it occurred to me how I know far more transgender persons in this society than I do in my outside life, and events today made me wonder why that is.

Is there something more friendly about this environment? Or safe?

Does Talossa better respect our right to personal definition or self-determination? Or is it just a place offering a certain level of anonymity where there's a decreased risk in defining yourself in a way of your own choosing, with little fear of retaliation. So, some people take that chance.

I'd like to think that we do respect privacy and individual liberties, but I don't think it in this moment. I think our long and twisted history has really altered some of us to see the negative everywhere. Assume good faith? Whatever.

I really wanted to think of this place ("NewWitt" -- not a fan of the name) as a fresh start, but the same paranoia and drama is already creeping in.


With every login, there's silent math at work. Is this place giving back as much as I give it? Even if I'm just logging in to read -- is it worth it?

I keep logging in. I keep running for office. I keep paying for domains and server space to host services that might be useful to the Kingdom. Not that money is the issue in my life. I'm doing okay.

The important number in the math is time. Does the time I spend here add to my life or subtract from it?

Anyway, this isn't to dissuade anyone from becoming or remaining a citizen, nor being the person that they really define themselves as, here in this space. But I do understand why some people leave in a big, dramatic exit, while others just slip away quietly forever.
Sevastáin Pinátsch, Senator for Atatürk