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Author Topic: DRAFT: Resolution in memory of John Carl Eiffler  (Read 701 times)

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DRAFT: Resolution in memory of John Carl Eiffler
« on: January 28, 2021, 07:21:20 AM »
WHEREAS John Carl Eiffler of Milwaukee, Wisconsin - known to Talossans as 'Art Verbotten' - was in the Talossan community from at least 1980 onward and was active from the mid-1980s through ca. 2010.

WHEREAS he was an active citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa and later of the 2004-2012 Republic of Talossa and whose April 2004 renunciation of the Kingdom helped (along with Bill Cooper's renunciation the same night) throw the full light of clarity and truth on Ben Madison's vendetta against Kane Gruber,

WHEREAS his presence in Talossa was one of consistency, approachability, and a continual fount of wisdom,

WHEREAS he was called the 'Conscience of Talossa',

WHEREAS he was born 14 July 1964 and died on 10 January 2021, though the Kingdom did not hear of it until a fortnight afterward,

WHEREAS he was just plain cool and his loss is a profound loss to the Talossan Kingdom community, the micronational community at-large, the Talossan expatriate community, and most of all to his family and friends outside of Talossa,

THEREFORE, the Senäts of Talossa extends its profound sympathies to Eiffler's family and friends as well as to R. Ben Madison, Ián U. Metáiriâ, and all the greater Talossan nation.

May John Eiffler be remembered for his wisdom, wit, and for being a giant who walked among us.

Rest in peace, brother.

to be proposed by Gödefrïeu Válcadác'h pending final vetting of draft

<end of draft>

Any thoughts, anyone?

GV, Mencei

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Withdrawn for now, as I have hoppered this.
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No need to be pedantic.