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Author Topic: [Scribe, etc.] Dec 2019 update - lotsa stuff gettin' dun  (Read 418 times)

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[Scribe, etc.] Dec 2019 update - lotsa stuff gettin' dun
« on: January 03, 2020, 01:43:17 PM »
This update is scatterbrained and goes all over the place. As I get stuff done or plan new things to do, I amend the latest update .txt and don't worry too much with coherence.

For the Royal Archives, 2019 was a banner year that saw my short stint as Minister of STUFF come to a happy end. Danihel Txechescu's work on Talossan name-translation made it possible to put a lot of stuff online for public consumption for either the first time or the first time in years. It also saw the Big Huge GV Talossan Digitial Archives Reorganization as well as everything you see below.

The 42 Project is the over-arching plan for all of this, and when I look back at the September 2018 start, it's clear the Archives have come a long way. And there is a long way to go, still, as you will see below.

Many of you may be wondering why I am not delegating any of this stuff. The simple answer is I am the only person on earth who can, currently, make sense of my Talossan physical and digital archives. I am the only one, currently, who knows what needs to be done and who can best get this stuff done.

As time goes on, I will be in a place where I can start delegating items. I see this being a thing for the Clarkives, and I will definitely need help down the road in making multi-format archives for Witt XI. The .html single-file archive I am currently working on will not suffice for the far-future.

Late 2018 was the time of beginnings: putting out Scribe-fires and getting a plan of action in order with buy-in from all of you, which has made this work possible and relevant. 2019 was the true start and the year in which Talossan name-translations became utterly streamlined. 20 June 2019 was the day the Lytheria Codex was name-translated (taking the script less than twenty minutes!), and I look at that day as the time when the Royal Archives truly became a living thing and 'bigger than me'.

Summer 2019 was huge, and late 2019 was equally-so, the name-translations for the Big History and an ominbus edition of Àr Päts being made available to the public in December and in time for Talossa's 40th anniversary.

2020 will be, God-willing, the year in which work for the 42 Project will hit its peak: archiving of Witt XI, the ingathering of all other extant Witt archives, the completion of the Clarkives, and so much more.

And God-willing, 2021 will be the year when all these projects and more are finished, bringing to an end the ingathering of all extant Talossan primary-source documents, making them available to the public, and bringing the 42 Project to a close, setting us up to set the future for our extant Talossan physical and digital heritage.

From the Royal Archives and the Scribery of Abbavilla, a very happy new year! - GV

+ + +

In the last couple of days, I have finally gotten started with the process of catching up with the bill-tables and Clark-tables in the TalossaWiki Digest of Laws at

Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you will find the May 2019 Clark (53c1) and its bills entered. As has always been the case, the text for all bills is copy-pasted directly from the Talossa Database System.

I will work quickly to get caught up with the Digest, and this is a project I will continue with, doing an average of 1 Clark a day. Only proposed and passed bills are included in the Digest.

+ + +

The current status of the 42 Project may be had at

This links to the 42 Project original document, which has been newly-annotated/updated as 12 December 2019.

Outlined in this document are my general and specific plans for the final two years of the 42 Project. 2020 will be intense and will lay the groundwork for a very successful 2021 in which the Royal Archives will finally be 'caught up'!

+ + +

Biggie online streamlining incoming...

The following domains once used for the Ministry of Stuff and the Royal Archives have been allowed to expire this coming May through August. Until they expire, you can still access these websites through these domain-redirects.

Everything in these links will, starting 1 May 2020, be directly linked from, which will, from 1 May 2020 onward, redirect to the Library page in the Wiki.

This is due to cost as well as irrelevance of the .xyz extension as well as the redundancy of all these domains, which were originally registered in haste a few years ago. Additionally, the confusion of 'talossa' vs. 'talossan' in certain instances is more trouble than it's worth.

From 1 May 2020 onward, will be the official domain of the Talossan Royal Archives and the Scribe of Abbavilla and will link directly to the library page in the Wiki.

When the online reorganization is complete, I will let everyone know by way of this regular update as well as a special announcement on Wittenberg.

+ + +

The SquareSpace Talossa page I set up this summer has been cancelled. Again, everything will point to the Wiki page, though it is a shame to let this page go as it could have been quite beautiful.

Again, this is for reasons of financial streamlining. Don't worry: I'm not going into the poorhouse, but I am re-evaluating the home-budget here and there.

+ + +

On 11 December, I finalized the current protocol by which I will continue to archive Witt XIV and the Talossa Database System. That protocol is...

Every Wednesday with the archive functionalities native to the TDS and Witt XIV, I download three copies of each, putting the TDS to both the Library of Talossa and the Talossan Secret Archives.

Witt XIV backups will reside for the moment in the Talossan Secret Archives, there being personal messages included with these archives. One of my projects for this new year is to figure out how to remove private messages from the archives, making it possible for me to make those backups available publicly in the Library of Talossa, though I will probably punt that task to someone whom I think already knows who he is. ;-)

+ + +

Another project that needs to be done sooner rather than later is to combine all archival materials on the Wiki with my own, cataloging everything in the process.

When I am done, the Library of Talossa Google Drive page will mimic that of the Wiki, giving these living records of our past two cloud-places (to start off with) to reside with more incoming.

+ + +

Many thanks, all!

GV, Scribe etc.

+ + +

The 1997 Organic Law

Lüc da Schir is the Wittmeister responsible for our new Witt XIV at, which as of 8 Dec 2019 will eventually supplant our current Witt XI at

Lüc's work has been unreal so far, and he and I have begun executing a regular protocol for archiving Witt XIV each week in spite of the underlying software lacking a native archive-export function as is the case with the Talossa Database System at


1. Creation of an archive of all extant Witt VIII combined with the 2002-2003 PM archives of GV, Mximo, and XConâ
2. PM / Witt VIII archives in the new edition of the Water Street Codex
3. Catching up with the TalossaWiki Digest of Laws
4. Clarkives primary sources list
5. the Clarkives themselves: official archives of bills, Cosâ elections, Senäts elections, government formations, governmet changes, Royal assents/vetos, Prime Dictates, and primary/secondary sources for all
6. A fully-fleshed-out academic census of all extant editions of Àr Päts with the creation of talossan-name translations for all of these.
7. A final census and vetted talossan-name translation for the Big History (1992 edition, last corrected in 1994)


Of course, all of these are in concert with the 42 Project.

1. Sync Wiki Library with the Library of Talossa...

...into the Library of Talossa on GoogleDrive and the Library of Talossa on the TalossaWiki - This will mean keeping two iterations of the Library of Talossa. Redirect to the Wiki and on the Wiki, put a link to the GoogleDrive.

2. Online editions of Oraclâ magazine and the JJarkiv

3. Online editions of all other extant 'Books from Ben' and 'Books from J*hn'

More in the 42 Project document.

+ + +

Talossa Database System (administered and created by MPF)

El Lexhatx

The Library of TAlossa aka the Talossan Public Archives on the TalossaWiki
URL coming soon

The Library of Talossa aka the Talossan Public Archives on GoogleDrive archive uploaded to Library of Talossa on 28 Sept 2019 by Lüc da Schir

The 42 Project

The Talossan Royal Archives White Paper - everything you ever wanted to know about the Talossan Royal Archives

Big History names-translation project work list at

GV, Scribe etc.