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We're voting soon

Started by Miestră Schivă, UrN, April 19, 2021, 09:25:15 PM

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Miestră Schivă, UrN

The calendar from here on in is:

  • April 20 (Talossan time): the new Constitution and Elections and Referendums Law will be formally submitted as a PROPOSAL (Standing Orders 2)
  • April 26 (Talossan time): I will become Túischac'h unless there are any other nominations/objections (Standing Orders 7)
  • April 27 (Talossan time): I will declare FINAL VOTE on the new Constitution and Elections and Referendums Law (Standing Orders 4)
  • May 4 (Talossan time): These will become law, and I will officially open nominations for the Praisideu (new elections law Title III); and present Election Rules to the General Assembly (new elections law Title I). These rules will delegate production of the ballot to the National Chancery, and in the same form as current Senäts ballots, i.e. anyone will be able to "write in" any Fiovan citizen; and that ballots will be counted using the OpaVote website using the "Northern Ireland STV" rules.
  • May 11 (Talossan time): Nominations for the Praisideu will close and all nominations will be distributed to all Fiovan citizens. (new elections law Title III)
  • May 15 (Talossan time): National elections begin and so does the Praisideu election
  • June 1 (Talossan time): Upon the end of the election, I will count the ballots and declare the new Praisideu.

THE KING MUST GO! Vote for the THE FREE DEMOCRATS OF TALOSSA for an active head of state!
¡LADINTSCHIÇETZ-VOI - rogetz-mhe cacsa!