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Preparation of Lord Warden Election

Started by xpb, May 02, 2021, 09:18:05 PM

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14 May 23:59 TST is the Registration deadline for Lord Warden Candidates.

The only current candidate, as declared in is

@Ián Tamorán

If there is no other candidate, then as per the A9 Lord Warden Election Act: "If there is one sole candidate for the position of Lord Warden at the start of the election, no election will be held and the sole candidate will be considered elected to the position."

If another candidate is declared IN THIS THREAD prior to 15 May
Then, voting will begin as per the CAG in this thread, or by email, or by telephone
up until 1 June 19:30 TST the Election deadline.


On April 15 in

@Ián Tamorán

Declared candidacy to continue to serve the post of Lord Warden

Are there any other declarations of candidacy?

As per
14 May 23:59 TST - Registration deadline Senatorial Candidates.
Cézembre will conduct the election as per the Cézembre Administrative Guide and will align with the timeframe for other elections for Senäts.