Preparation for l'Etats and Sénéchal Election

Started by xpb, May 02, 2021, 09:40:14 PM

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Whereas under CAG Article 15. "Elections, as described in articles 10 and 11 will start no earlier than one week and no later than two weeks after the election deadline of Talossan general elections or after a resolution has been approved by a majority of the l'Etats de Cézembre removing the previous Sénéchal or should the Sénéchal, resign, die or be unable to fulfill his duties for any reason."

And with 1 June 2021 19:30 TST being the Election Deadline declared by the Chancery in

As Le Sénéchal (unless removed from office as part of Article 15) I declare that all candidates for l'Etats shall declare their intent IN THIS THREAD on or before 12 June 2021 at 23:59 (was 13 June, modified to give a day to get the ballot together), with an election taking place from 14 June 00:00 to 30 June at 23:59 deadline with results declared on 1 July 2021.

I hereby declare my candidacy for the position of Le Sénéchal, to which I was previously appointed.  Should one other citizen of Cézembre declare, before 13 June at 23:59 their same intent IN THIS THREAD to stand for the position of Le Sénéchal then I will immediately withdraw my candidacy, and they shall be elected, much in the manner of the Lord Warden.  Should more than one citizen of Cézembre other than myself declare their candidacy, I will volunteer to conduct that election as I would still withdraw as a candidate after the first declaration.


The ballotbin system previously used by Cézembre appears to no longer be available

A test of Electionbuddy has been sent via email to the members of l'Etats and the Kindgom SoS for a check of functionality.  Within that system the enabled settings are Administrator Access to Results Only after voting ends and Voter Access to Results Only after voting ends.  The test election will run from 16 May to 23 May and asks for a favorite flavor in a plurality vote (with write-in as per elections by the Chancery) and a favorite color (ranked choice of ROYGBIV with a minimum of one choice or up to 7) with no write-in (as per Cézembre election rules).  Both have the option to abstain from either or both questions and still submit a valid ballot, which may be done only once per unique registration code generated.