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Started by mpf, May 05, 2021, 05:09:18 AM

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So, I became a citizen in 2001.

The Senator for Ataturk was Wes Erni, who wasn't really reachable by most citizens, but the Senate, requires a certain level of experience in Talossa, either 6 months as SoS or 2 years as a citizen.

The SoS was Daviu Focteir, also from Ataturk, and he didn't want to be in the Senate. In fact, the only people who wanted to be in the Senate in Ataturk, couldn't.

But Daviu was busy with school, and I had this new thing, the Talossa Database system, which sought to automate the Clark.

So, he let me be SoS for 6 months (spoilers, he never really returned as SoS),  so that:

1 ) I could work on the Database
2 ) He could focus on his studies
3 ) I could replace Wes Erni as senator.

This all came down with the 3th Clark of the 29th Cosa.

Wes resigned, and I stepped up.

Over the next 21 Clarks, I was the Senator of Ataturk, and I worked hard to get Ataturk to organize. I called citizens, I was the most active posted in the Ataturk board on Wittenberg. Well, I was also the most active Citizen on Wittenberg, but that's another story.

Then, the Halloween crisis occurred. I didn't leave with the Republic, despite history books saying otherwise. I stayed in the Kingdom, for about 15 days during which the King attacked me daily.

I ended up needing to leave, and I was replaced by Marcus Cantalour, in the Senate.

Still, I kept the database, and even when I was told to put it offline, I kept it up. And today, it is back online.

I have met Daviu in person. I have met former King Ben and former Queen Amy. I have met Tomas Gariceir who stayed at my house for 2 nights. I have met Ieremiac'h Ventrutx. In fact, he worked for my company for what, over 10 years?

I have spoken on the phone to over 50 Talossans over the years.

Most Talossans can easily reach me. I haven't been active much lately due to personal issues which I can tell other people from Ataturk, but which are mostly over.

Most of you probably heard of me, either for what I did good, like the database, like being the longest serving Secretary of State, or being the former Resident Worker. Or you heard me for being one of your horrible Republicans (like I said above, it's more complex and I am willing to talk about it).

Or maybe you remember my monthly magazine six years ago? https://zespenat.ca/ which I ran almost alone for 4 issues?

Even those in the Kingdom in the 18 months or so that I was in the Republic might remember that as the Republic's foreign Affair minister, I was the first official to try to negotiate a peace treaty... with the guy who eventually became our King.

When I came back, I was happy to see that our Ataturk Senator was active.

I was happy that he wasn't just a politician: he helped with the website, and seems like a nice guy.

We connected. I helped him, he helped me. We even connected on Linked in! He was the only Talossan I didn't know in a work capacity I accepted there.

Nice guy.

I decided, I am not as active as I was, I won't run against him.

But it was a lie.

Who is Svastian Pinatsch? We learned that the name he gave is not his real name! ( I don't mean his Talossan name, that's fine, I mean the original name he put. Even his Linked In name is fake)

Now, should people be Talossans if they don't give their real name? That's debatable.

But should they be Senators if we don't know who they are?

Absolutely freaking not.

Now, I don't want power. I was offered to Prime Minister a few times, and I don't want it.

I don't care for it. All I want, is to work on my pet projects, like the database system, and make sure the citizens of Ataturk are well represented. By someone they actually know.

In the upcoming election, vote for the Candidate whom you know his name. Vote for me, vote so that you know who your Senator is.

Because this is the debate.

I am not running for power, for a party, I am running for the right for Ataturk Citizens to know who their senator really is.

Martì-Paír Furxhéir
Longuest serving Secretary of State
Senator for Ataturk
Creator of the mixtape exchange program: