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Messages - Ián Tamorán S.H.

I am slightly disappointed at the "maximum age 75" suggestion - I am 78. I know that there is no maximum age for being Pope, nor (I believe) for the President of the USA... The (late lamented) Queen Elizabeth II was 96 years old, and still actively performing her royal duties up to the week she died. Surely Talossa should not be so much more restrictive than these important posts elsewhere?
Wittenberg / Re: Honouring Deceased Talossans
January 24, 2024, 03:55:13 PM
Perhaps we could create the Talossan equivalent of GNU, which - maybe - we would post as a message once every month, adding more names as they become (sadly) relevant.  The circuit of recipients, round which the message would flow, would start at the Monarch, pass through each of the major administrative offices, and once through each region, and return to the Monarch for the next round. Our signal would, of course, have to be in El Glheþ, and I have insufficient knowledge to be of use in this choice: perhaps BNR for Beric'tår Non-Recordar Repaxhar? (though I've probably got every word wrong there).
Wittenberg / Re: Honouring Deceased Talossans
January 11, 2024, 03:41:57 PM
Difficult problems are not insurmountable. 

Yes, we would (will!) not know about some Talossan deaths - but we could consider some suggestions.  For example, I have an email address ( and I, personally, am reasonably prompt about responding to questions in my inbox.  In my individual case, therefore, it might be reasonable to send me a string of e-mails - once a week for three months - and if there is no response you can assume that I have passed on.  We can think of other techniques of probing for information about other "missing citizens" (we are an inventive group).  Of course we will have errors here too, but possibly in the other direction.

The system does not have to be perfect, but "good enough": good enough to honour those about who's deaths we are certain, and good enough to show our citizens (and prospective citizens) that Talossa really cares about its people - that Talossa never abandons you.
Wittenberg / Honouring Deceased Talossans
January 11, 2024, 06:23:18 AM
When I die I want to still be a Talossan.  So clearly I must interact sufficiently with the realm – still be in contact with it.

But the words "When I die I still want to be a Talossan" have another, deeper, meaning.  When I have died I still want to be a Talossan, even though I cannot then interact with it.  Outside of Talossa I am also a citizen of Ireland.  When I die I shall be a "deceased citizen of Ireland" – my Irishness is not taken away from me at my death, I will still be Irish.  Many, many realms on Earth are like that – death does not change your nationality.  Why cannot Talossa be like that too?

Yes – I have heard various off the cuff statements about our already having degrees of citizenship – so get on with it Ian, and stop complaining.  What already exists cannot be changed.  So there.

But wait – we already honour our citizens with marks of status, and labels of quality of achievement in this or that.  Why not also bestow upon a deceased citizen a formal title like "LDT" (Loyal Deceased Talossan) or "HIT" (Honoured In Talossa) – it's up to someone who knows our language in detail to produce the right term, the right letters.  And someone who is "HIT" (or whatever we choose) will no longer be obligated to respond to a census or vote at an election – that will not (cannot!) be counted against him or her.

Come on, lads and lasses – let's discuss this and create legislation to implement it.

Referendum: Present

Quote from: Baron Alexandreu Davinescu on September 13, 2023, 01:40:10 PMI feel like Flatland was fun, but when I tried to guess at how our reality might correspond to a fourth-dimensional being, my brain became a noodle.
Flatland is one of the stories (? essays? allegories?) that kindled my love of mathematics. When I was 13 I could not grasp multi-dimensions - but by the time I was 15 I could easily visualise up to five dimensions ... and now (with a degree in mathematics from UCL) I can grasp the idea of spaces with many, many dimensions - but I do not "visualise" them any more - they have become more abstract - and so much more powerful. If you really want a noodle brain <grin> then you should (try to) read some of my draft papers covering the mathematical structure in the physics of the first 600 seconds of the universe...
Wittenberg / Noli Timere Messorem
September 10, 2023, 10:55:18 AM
Where have I been?

You may (but probably have not!) noticed that I've not been around much lately.  I still think Talossa is a superb idea and a most splendid realm – and nothing I do can (or should) change that.  But I am also getting older – and, again, there is nothing I can do to change that.

Are these two facts in conflict?  Well, sort of.  No, I sit at my computer keyboard most of the time during the day, typing madly away – but Yes, I'm too busy, in the (probably) short time left to me, writing new or completing previous books.  This last year I have completed and published a novel, completed and published (privately) a set of stories suitable for children, completed (and published privately) half a book of Star Wars 'incidents' – and the "half" is intentional, as I want to introduce my eldest grandchild to the art of writing – he will have to add the final chapters, under my guidance – and I have also constructed a radio script from one of my previous books (again, for children). Now I'm working on a novelette (whose plot involves an eccentric old man – a sort of self portrait – trying to find out why there is still water in the moat round a ruined castle.  Watch this space.)

Should any of you want copies of any of these or my previous works, just get in touch with me – all proceeds go to charity (Save The Children Fund).  [FYI it's better to contact me through which I look at far more often than my Talossan email].

Though I am at my computer, I have very little spare time to be visible and productive in Talossa.  To give one example, I speak French, and hence Cézembre (the island from which our glorious Province draws its name) is most definitely a geographical place I should visit – but, alas, I am too (physically) unfit to get there.  Sigh.  I would love to once more see, in person, our monarch (hi John!), and shake the hand of our scribal linguist (hi Manus!), and our New Zealand polymath (hi Daphne!)... or should that be polymathS?... and our highly talented musical Taloss-historian (greetings, GV!)... and all the others of you, not forgotten but too numerous to mention, in many different parts of the globe (Sweden, Scotland, the UK, the USA, India, Canada... etc.).  Hello Everybody!
If any of you Talossans are ever in the UK, please contact me and we can have a drink or meal together - I live immediately next door to a Pub which has been running since 1582.  If you don't know what a Pub is, then you will have a great time finding out!

Being on the one hand in Talossa, and on the other hand writing to and about Talossa are very different things.  I do read most of the postings, but my batches of reading are spread apart in time: I try to read everything, but postings may be two or more weeks out of date before I get the (personal) time to look at them.  Rather than make comments on "old news", I just read it without comment (usually).  So, although I'm here, I'm not usually visible.

And if I'm not visible for more than a year?  Well, I've probably moved "elsewhere": Noli Timere Messorem.

Take care, all of you.
Splendid! Should we also repeat all our postings in French as well?
Formidable! Est-ce-qu'on peut traduire tout en Francais?

...and should someone who speaks French correctly help us? <you know who you are> <grin>
Wittenberg / Apparent disappearance of vote
May 20, 2023, 12:55:39 PM
I *think* I have voted in this Clark - but in case my vote has been lost, here it is repeated:

RZ11 - Austeneu
RZ12 - Contra
RZ13 - Per
RZ14 - Contra
RZ15 - Per
RZ16 - Per
RZ17 - Per
RZ18 - Per
voc  - Non

If there is any conflict, this posting (20 May 2023 18:55 BST) is the definitive version

Wittenberg / Re: RIP Laura Hand Donohue
April 13, 2023, 09:13:26 AM
Manus - you have our sympathy and our love. When someone close to you and dear passes on each of us feels sorrow - but we can treasure their memory, and what they meant to us. Be assured, Manus, that Laura's pain is over and that she has moved to where there is no sadness. May she rest in peace, and rise in glory.
Quote from: Baron Alexandreu Davinescu on February 10, 2023, 04:31:48 PM...
I read this a couple of times, but don't quite get it, I'm sorry.  Why would this force people to be better about checking for broken cross-references?  It's only human that we're going to sometimes miss some, and I'm not sure moving away from a clear legal code in a single law would be helpful.
The whole point is, I think, the reverse of what you have said. My suggestion means that no-one has to chase back to previous legislation unless the old law/clause (etc.) is mentioned in the new law. If a new law mentions an old one, then it is a simple act of editing the record of the old law - which can be done by someone other than the instigators of the new law. This process makes the legal code even clearer.

If a new law inadvertently affects an old law, without mentioning it - as will (inevitably) frequently happen - then it is up to the Corts (as now) to decide what the law actually was, at the time of a litigious event. Partial incompatibilities and partial conflicts between old and new laws which are spotted outside of discussion of a new law are, themselves, items to be passed through the same processes as relate to a new law. I absolutely agree that inadvertent back-incompatibilities cannot be arbitrarily be changed outside of our current due process.

My suggestion does not change the necessary examination of the whole law to determine what the law is, but can make that examination process shorter.
Quote from: Miestră Schivă, UrN on February 04, 2023, 02:50:38 PMI would be advising the Free Dems to support this, but I can't abide by this provision:

QuoteFURTHERMORE, the Scribe is directed to eliminate from el Lexhatx all "empty" provisions, as when a provision has been deleted but left empty, and to renumber the Titles in question in a sensible fashion.

As I've said before, but I can't find where, there are too many places where cross-references in El Lex have been rendered inoperative due to renumberings. "This section intentionally left black" works well in some cases.
Quote from: Üc R. Tärfâ on February 06, 2023, 06:29:51 PMA cross-referencing fix now to repair the law might be a good endeavour.

However in the future "renumbering provisions" in bills should be simply avoided to avoid (sic!) generating many of those broken references.

The simplest fix to the problem of "moving references" is to change ALL law names, and paragraph numbers, etc. to something unchangeable. So law XYZ would have paragraphs 1, 2, 17, 29, 33 because law ABC (which, in time, followed the adoption of law XYZ) has removed those paragraphs 3-16, 19-28 etc., or negated their contents. This would, at most, involve marking any altered/deleted paragraphs with reference to the *subsequent* law which removed/changed them. Thus ALL back references would be correct.....

BUT if there are two (or more) back references to a changed paragraph - and we must always assume that there will be - then each reference must either point to "paragraph 27.3 of law XYZ of date <date>" or point to "paragraph 27.3 of law XYZ as updated at the time of consultation". I grant that this makes back references a little longer to type - but they NEVER have to be subsequently altered - only an additional label attached to a modified / deleted paragraph stating that it is deleted or indicating where the "next" version of that law/paragraph may be found... which may mean following a longer chain (tedious - but not difficult).

AND THEN we would no longer have need to "put off till tomorrow" the cross-numbering references throughout the whole law, every time there is a change to the law.

...This is what other countries do. And Talossa, being Great, can learn from other nations, and adopt useful techniques from them.

(P.S. "We have never done that before" is NOT a good argument for "we can't do that now".)
Wittenberg / Re: Resignation as Poet Laureate
November 17, 2022, 03:22:22 AM
Is the post of Poet Laureate open to anyone who *can* write poetry, or someone who *does* write poetry?
My (personal) opinion is that it should be "does" rather than just "can".
And whoever is appointed - learn well from your predecessor.
Quote from: Miestră Schivă, UrN on October 16, 2022, 03:24:22 PMChange OrgLaw X.3 to read:

QuoteChildren born after 1 January 1989/X, one (or both) of whose biological or adoptive parents is a Talossan citizen at the time of the birth ("Dandelions") shall automatically be granted Talossan citizenship when they register themselves with the Secretary of State on or after their 14th birthday.

... and delete El Lexhatx E.13.
I have two problems here:

1. A child (i.e. under the age of, of 14) cannot be assumed to have knowledge of or to have made either consent or refusal to Talossan citizenship - a minor cannot have such obligations thrust upon them without their explicit consent. Therefore they cannot (in justice) be penalised for not attending to an obligation of which they had no knowledge - and could not (under the restrictions relating to minors) have had. "Ignorance of the law is no defence" may only be used if the alleged offender could have had knowledge of that law. So we can NOT make a dandelion into a citizen without their explicit permission - and we cannot "punish" a dandelion for not making an application unless we are certain that the dandelion was explicitly informed of his/her aughts after their 14th birthday.

2. "Biological" parent makes those who are adopted or placed in a pro-Talossan but (biologically) unrelated environment of upbringing (adopted, in a step-family, fleeing persecution from another country, etc.) to be denied dandelion rights, as are his pro-Talossan guardians in loco parentis.

So, NO. Therefor:

1) A dandelion should be any child under the age of 14 for whom any legal guardian has requested that status, and

2) A dandelion cannot be removed from citizenship unless (a) that is requested by a legal guardian (for an existing dandelion), or (b) the dandelion upon reaching the age of 14 is explicitly informed of Talossan law, and has provided proof that this information was received, or ( c) the dandelion, upon reaching the age of 14 or more specifically, in their own right, requests to be NOT a Talossan citizen. Note that any grown-up-dandelion who attempts to vote in any referendum (etc.) shall be deemed to have had full knowledge of Talossan law starting from the date upon which that attempted vote is cast. It is up to some, yet to be discussed, subsequent Talossan law to determine whether or not such a vote counts.... (I would suggest, in the first instance, not - but that is a different discussion).
RZ21 - PER
RZ22 - PER
RZ23 - PER