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Estimat Túischac'h, my question is for the Minister of Technology.

Given that:
  • el Lexhtax D. states:
    Quote2.8.4.1 The Ziu hereby authorizes the annual and ongoing expenditure of 60 louis by the Burgermeister of Internal Revenue for the specific and sole purpose of paying for the annual domain name registration of and for associated webhosting services as selected by the Seneschal or their designated representative. All payments made under direction of this authority should be reported as according to normal procedure by the Burgermeister.
  • and that el Lexhatx D.2.9.2 states:

    QuoteThe Government shall own the domain name, and may purchase and maintain any other Talossa-related domain names as they see fit, following normal budgetary procedures. These domain names and their associated webhosting shall be administered by the Ministry of Technology
  • and that el Lexhatx D.2.9.3 states:

    QuoteThere shall exist within the Ministry of Technology an officer to be known as The Talossan Web Registrant who shall act as the domain name registrant for the domains stated in D.2.9.2. and any other government operated domains as required. The Talossan Web Registrant shall be appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Technology. The Talossan Web Registrant shall inform the government of any payments due or made towards domain registration and hosting of any government operated websites and domains and shall be reimbursed for any payments made as soon as is practicably possible and in accordance with all law relating to the governmental budget.
  • and that on March 9 of this year, the Minister of Technology named himself as the new Talossan Web Registrant, replacing the previous incumbent, the Secretary of State;
  • and that on April 29 of this year, the Minister of Technology announced, among other things, that the domain name would be preserved by the Government;
  • and that on July 3 this year, registration for was allowed to lapse, after a month or two of erratic functioning;
  • and that the currently-due bill for the continued registration of arrived a few days ago with the former TWR, rather than his replacement;
  • and given that, on July 13 this year, the Minister of Technology opened a support ticket with DoRoyal enquiring about the grace period on the lapse of domain names, indicating that he was fully aware that there were some issues with domain names;

My questions to the Minister of Technology are as follows:

  • Was the Government aware that the domain name would lapse on July 3; and if so, why was it not renewed?
  • Was the Government aware that the bill for the domain name was coming due?
  • Why were the responsibilities of Talossan Web Registrant under El Lex D.2.9.3. not practically transferred - that is, why has the current TWR (the Minister of Technology) not been registered with DoRoyal Servers as our contact person/registrar of domain names, so that the former incumbent is still receiving the bills? We note that a previous change of TWR - from Istefan Perþonest to the SoS - was performed with very little drama last year.
  • Why was the Seneschal so rude and evasive when this question was raised in public forums, and how does this square with the current Government's championing of "open government"?
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Minister of Immigration, as authorised by El Lexhatx H.2

Noting the following segment in the current La C'hronica:

QuoteDuring Gün XLIV we received 18 (the NEW second highest in recorded Talossan history!) immigration applications from:

    Muslim Nabi
    Michael H Glyn
    Ralph Dean VanLoton Jr.
    Abhishek Kaul
    Jason Allan Clark
    Joseph P Specht Jr
    Elder Nathaniel Ndukwe
    Kathy H. Armstrong
    George Edward Sandler
    Safwaan Sharief
    Daniel Ferreira da Silva
    Petro Storozhuk
    Huynh Thi Mong Trinh
    Paul Eugene Fegan
    Alex Huynh
    Dana Prakoso Eka Saputra
    Samantha Stewart
    Ahmad Mufid Marhaen

  Unfortunately we did not welcome any new citaxhiéns this month. the Government taking responsibility for why prospective citizens are signing up to check out Talossa under their watch, and just saying "no thanks"?
El Funal/The Hopper / Sequelae of El Regeu v CCX
June 29, 2023, 07:09:28 PM
Two issues that I want the Ziu to consider consequent to my experience as Public Defender in this case:

- should we have more explicit instruction on how to conduct "trials in absentia", i.e. on how to preserve the rights of the accused?

- should we explicitly introduce a plea of nolo contendere - or, in other words, a plea of "I do not admit guilt but I'm not going to offer a defence"? I still think that's the only ethical thing for a Public Defender to do when the State's case is overwhelming

And a broader issue based on the original case:

- whether the offence of "abuse of trust" should be codified into Talossan law, with whatever alterations might be necessary given Talossa's different situation from England and Wales; and whether, more widely, a nation where full political rights are available at age 14 would benefit from an "age of consent".
I was talking to s:reu Tafial the other day and I realised the absolute generation gap between us when he told me he'd never seen a "Teach Yourself" (self-study) language book. Before Duolingo and its idiot cousins, that's how we ancient wanna-be polyglots used to fool ourselves into thinking we were learning new languages. :D

Anyway, now we're keen to try to create something similar for ár glheþ. This is actually something which I tried to do back during the National Schism; but when I posted my first trial dialogues, Sir Tomás popped into tell me I'd got the language all wrong, and I was so ashamed I stopped. Anyway, here they are for historical purposes (note ancient 1990s-era orthography):

QuoteEnsegñetz-Së Talossán, Capitél Viêns: Cunfavelaziuns
Ián: Azul! Va nôminâ, c'è Ián. ¿És la voastra?
Juliâ: Azul! Eu sînt Juliâ. Eś qi estetz-voi?
Tomás:  Eu sînt Tomás.
Ián: Méirçi. À revidarë!
Juliâ: À revidarë.

Ián: Eu sînt citaxhiên del Regipäts Talossán. ¿Daduve vetz?
Juliâ: Eu véu dàl Repúblicâ Talossán.
Ián: Tomás, ¿estez-voi Talossán?
Tomás: Non, eu non sînt Talossán. Voi embù estetz Talossáes, ¿oi?
Juliâ és Ián: Üc, noi embù sînt Talossáes.

Carlostâ: Escusetz-me, siôridâ!
Juliâ: ¿Üc...?
Carlostâ: ¿Parletz-voi Talossán!
Juliâ: Üc. Eu parleu Talossán és Angleascâ.
Carlostâ: Grült! Voi parletz ocså Tschec, ¿oi?
Juliâ: Non, va c'hupâ. Eu non parleu Tschec.

Nôminâs dels Glheþen

Talossán; Svensc'heu; Tütsch; Tschec; Francál
Ôirësch; Norvexhán; Talián; Angleascâ; Castetxán

Ensegñhistà: Bunâ ziuâ, siôridâ Juliâ.
Juliâ: Bunâ ziuâ, estimat ensegñhistà. ¿Com'estetz-Voi?
Ensegñhistà: Ben, méirçi. És voi?
Juliâ: Tréi ben, méirçi.
Ensegñistà : Voi vidarhéu crái! À revidarë!
Juliâ : À revidarë, estimat ensegñistà.

Come si zïa în Talossán?

Can I sneak this in for your approval to get on the Fourth Clark?
WHEREAS there is now a vacancy on the Uppermost Cort;

AND WHEREAS throughout most of Talossan history, the Uppermost Cort was set at 3 members;

AND WHEREAS that tradition was broken at the time the old Magistrate's Cort was folded into the CpI;

AND WHEREAS we now have a chance to restore this tradition;

AND WHEREAS the effect of this bill will be to confirm the CpI at its current size of one Senior Judge and two Puisne Judges, as foreseen in OrgLaw VIII.3;

AND WHEREAS under the provisions of OrgLaw VIII.3, this resizing will have to be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Cosa, and then approved by the same margin again in the next Cosa;

BE IT ENACTED by the King, Cosa and Senäts of Talossa in Ziu assembled that El Lexhatx G.1.1 is deleted.
WHEREAS El Lexhatx H.2.6, dealing with Terpelaziuns, reads as follows:

Quote2.6. The Minister must answer the question in the same thread or its equivalent as the original question and the questioner may ask a reasonable number of supplementary questions (as determined by the presiding officer), in which the provisions of H.2.[r 14] apply, with the seven days starting from the date each supplementary question is asked. [709]

AND WHEREAS it may actually be beneficial to full and frank debate in the Ziu to allow other members to "chime in" with supplemental questions in a single thread;

AND WHEREAS this is the practice in other Parliamentary systems, with the condition that the original questioner gets "first go";

THEREFORE El Lexhatx H.2.6. to be amended as follows:

Quote2.6. The Minister must answer the question in the same thread or its equivalent as the original question and the questioner may ask a reasonable number of supplementary questions (as determined by the presiding officer), in which the provisions of H.2.[r 14] apply, with the seven days starting from the date each supplementary question is asked. [709]

2.6.1. If the questioner does not ask a supplementary question within 24 hours, or waives their right to ask a supplementary question, any other Member of the Ziu may raise a supplementary question on the original topic, under the same conditions. The Túischac'h shall be the sole judge of "on topic".
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Minister of Technology, as authorized by El Lexhatx H.2., in regards to his recent announcement re: the website I would have preferred this to ask this as a Supplemental to the recent TERP by my party colleague Üc Tärfa MC, but the Túischac'h has confirmed that we can't do that.

My questions:

1. Given that has always been a privately owned and operated website, albeit using a domain name owned by the Kingdom, how is the Ministry in a position to "delegate the administration of the website and server of"? How can the Government delegate something it never owned?

2. What advice did the Minister of Culture, responsible for oversight of language issues, give to the Minister of Technology before making this decision?

3. The Government is aware that the information contained on is outdated, incorrect and misleading. We know the Government is aware because the Ladintsch Naziunal / convenor of SIGN has explained this in detail on the national Discord and elsewhere, in conversations involving the Distáin.

Given this, and given the Minister's reply to point 6 of cxhn. Tärfa's recent Terpelaziun: what reason does the Minister have for continuing to allow use of this domain name by s:reu Ventrutx, a less active citizen who is not actually a Talossan-langauge speaker, rather than handing the domain name over to el Bureu del Glheþ, or SIGN, to set up an accurate website?

4. If the Government is determined to keep in the private hands of cxhn. Ventrutx with the Distain acting as his de facto webmaster - which would be keeping with the current Government's seeming determination to have everything under the personal control of their leaders and their political allies, rather than accountable to legislative oversight - I therefore amplify the question raised by cxhn. Tafial MC:

QuoteWhat can or will the Minister do to ensure that the contents of the website are factual and useful for learners and scholars, living up to the tagline that he gave it in the Delegation of Website administration notice?


I thank the Minister in response for his answer. I understand that he "likes to stay away from the Ziu", but unfortunately being politically responsible for decisions is the fundamental part of a Cabinet Minister's job, and I would suggest that if he doesn't like being hassled with Terps, he could take up a purely administrative role and pass the Ministerial portfolio on.
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Minister of Defence.

1. Does the Minister recall the TNC opposition in the previous Cosa absolutely hammering the Government of the time about not having "done anything" with the Royal Zuavs?

2. Given the above, does the Minister have a long list of all the things that the new Government has done to make the Zuavs active as a primary goal to share with the Ziu?

3. Given that he's doing everything else, is Brenéir Tzaracomprada also known as "Miss Rabbit" going to be named Captain of the Zuavs as well?
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Seneschál, the Immigration Minister, the Deputy Minister of Culture, the Deputy Minister of Stuff, the Scribe of Abbavilla and the incoming BHAID administrator, as authorised by El Lexhatx H.2.

1. Is the Seneschál familiar with the British children's cartoon, "Peppa Pig"?

2. Is the Seneschál familiar with the running joke that in Peppa Pig's town, every single job - from firefighter to supermarket clerk to veterinary nurse - is done by a single character, Miss Rabbit?

(If the answer to the preceding questions happens to be "No", I here introduce video evidence.)

3. Given that - with his impending appointment to the position of BHAID coordinator - the Senator from Florencia now figures on The Seneschál's List of state appointments in no fewer than six places - is the Senator from Florencia now Talossa's "Miss Rabbit"?

4. Leaving aside amusing name-calling for a second, is the Seneschál not thoroughly embarrassed that - having continuously attacked the Secretary of State in the previous Cosa for taking on too many jobs, he is now doing the same thing, at double speed?

5. Can the Seneschal also comment on whether any effort was made to find literally anyone else to be BHAID Administrator?

6. Is it healthy for democracy for Talossa for two "Ministers of Everything" to concentrate all functions of the State in their own hands?

EDITED TO ADD: I just noticed that the Seneschal is also going to be Talossa's delegate to MicroCon. This is getting out of hand.
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise yet again to present a Terpelaziun to the Minister of Culture, as permitted by El Lexhatx H.2. I apologise once again for seeming to "pick on" the Minister; it is a coincidence that the issues I am noticing are in his portfolio areas.

My question concerns the Symbols of the Ziu Act, currently on the Clark as RZ4. Did the Minister, or Cabinet, receive any feedback from the Royal College of Arms on this bill?
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Minister of Technology, as authorised by El Lexhatx H.2.

Given the Minister's comments elsewhere on Wittenberg that he does not see his role as a political one, can I ask for:

a) an explanation of who in Cabinet sets the political priorities for the Ministry of Technology, i.e. who decides what is to be done, rather than how it will be done?

b) a description of the working relationship between the Minister and the Permanent Secretary of Backend Admin? I am aware that the Minister and the PermSec get on well and there's no friction: what I am asking for is how responsibility for 'doing the work' is shared between the two, or whether there is a duplication of roles.

Grült méirci.
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise once more to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Minister of Immigration, as authorised by El Lexhatx H.2.

My question relates to the current law on provincial assignments, El Lexhatx E.7, and recent debates in the Hopper on possible reforms. I am asking for the Immigration Minister's opinion:

1) in particular: about how to remedy the anomalous place of Mexico in our provincial assignments.
2) what he thinks about our current system of provincial assignment overall, given that it seems to have led to the underpopulation of Vuode among other inconsistencies and unbalances.
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver another Terpelaziun to the Minister of STUFF, as authorised by El Lexhatx H.2. Apologies for the pile-on, nothing personal!

My question relates to the new Government's intentions for issuing ID cards. Can the Minister confirm for me:

a) whether the Government's policy is to issue Talossan ID cards to any citizens who requests them, and therefore to abolish the Civics Test, as I believe they announced pre-election?
b) in light of the answer to a), what the intention of the Distáin was when he approached me this week for the list of questions for the Civics Test?
c) what the Finance Minister meant by his somewhat threatening-sounding mention in the Financial Report of "Once state assets are recovered from private hands and the ID program can continue..."?

Grült méirci à toct.
Estimat Túischac'h, I rise to deliver a Terpelaziun to the Minister of STUFF, as authorised by El Lexhatx H.2.

My question relates to the new Government's use of social media. Can the Minister please inform me:
a) who, precisely, that is, which individual, is updating Talossa's social media account?
b) whether the Seneschál was accurate when he recently said on Discord that "several dozen posts" have already been scheduled "over the next three to four months [at] a rate of about two or so a week"?
c) given that I follow Twitter regularly but only read Facebook when I have to, does this apply to all our social media accounts?
d) exactly what the Government aims to achieve through this near-"spam" level of postings, apart from getting annoyed citizens to unsubscribe?
e) because I know the Government loves KPIs, what will be the KPIs for success on whatever (d) turns out to be?

Grült méirci à toct.
Wittenberg / um... hello?
March 03, 2023, 12:02:58 AM
WHEREAS potential Dandelions should have the right, if their parents/guardians and the Kingdom agree, to participate in Talossan cultural life on a limited basis to see whether citizenship appeals to them;

El Lexhatx E.13, including subsections 13.1-3, to be replaced by the following text:

QuoteAny child or ward of a Talossan citizen under the age of 14 years may be registered by their Talossan parent or guardian as a "Dandelion-In-Waiting" or Implind, by application to the Secretary of State. To assist them in their future decision as to whether to become Talossan citizens, Implinds may avail themselves of the rights and privileges of prospective citizens, subject to any limits agreed by their Talossan parent or guardian and the Secretary of State.
Estimadas es estimats MCs: I intended at this point to be calling for the election of a Túischac'h, as required by OrgLaw IV.12. However, the procedure for electing a Túischac'h - as previously provided in El Lexhatx - was deleted, by accident. A stuff-up which I take partial responsibility for, because I honestly didn't read that the procedure for electing the Túischac'h was in the part of El Lexh I wanted deleted.

Since we have to elect a Túischac'h anyway, does anyone mind if we use the previous method? I understand that maybe the incoming Cosa majority might have different ideas of how to do it, but I thought it worked well.

QuoteThe Cosa shall elect the Túischac'h as follows. (54RZ21) repealing both (50PD01) (52RZ3)

17.1. At any time between the Election Deadline and the following Dissolution of the Cosa, any Member of the Cosa shall be empowered to publish and open for signatures a petition nominating an eligible person for the office of Túischac'h. (54RZ21) repealing both (50PD01) (52RZ3)
17.2. Once a petition is published, any eligible Member of the Cosa shall be empowered to second the nomination by countersigning the petition in public. (54RZ21) repealing both (50PD01) (52RZ3)
17.3. Members may not second multiple nominations concurrently; if a Member wishes to support a different petition, he/she shall first publicly retract the earlier countersignature. (54RZ21) repealing both (50PD01) (52RZ3)
17.4. Following any number of petitions, presented as above and supporting the same candidate, being signed or counter-signed by members currently representing an absolute majority of seats in the Cosa, the candidate named in the petition(s) shall be declared by the Secretary of State to be the Túischac'h. (54RZ21) repealing both (50PD01) (52RZ3)
17.5. Petitions may not be carried over from one vacancy in the office of Seneschal to Túischac'h. Once a Túischac'h is elected as above, all petitions shall be made moot. (54RZ21) repealing both (50PD01) (52RZ3)
WHEREAS we just had a delay of 3 months to adopt a new member;

AND WHEREAS the way that SIGN's rules are currently written, ár Società may well grind to a total halt if enough members become inactive;

I propose Rule 3 of SIGN be amended by the addition of the text in bold:

QuoteRule 3 Anyone who is interested can ask to join SIGN. If a majority of members support this, or if at least one positive vote and no contrary votes are received from any member within 2 months, the applicant becomes a full member. If the applicant was a member of the Comità per l'Útzil del Glheþ as of Llimbaziuă 2019/XL, the voting is skipped and they become a full member immediately.