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The Hopper / 56th Cosa Budget
« Last post by Ian Plätschisch on September 09, 2021, 07:39:21 PM »
WHEREAS the Organic Law directs that each government submit a budget by the second Clark of their Cosa term

PART A: Appropriations Request

His Majesty's Government hereby submits to the Ziu a request for the appropriation of funds from the Royal Treasury totaling 170¤6 ($255.15) for the specific purposes and subject to restrictions as outlined herein:

  • Webhosting costs: 53¤26 ($80.15)
  • Google ads: 16¤40 ($25)
  • Fees for a Registered Agent: 66¤40 ($100)
  • John Eiffler commemorative stamps: 33¤20 ($50)

FURTHERMORE, notwithstanding the above allocations, no funds shall be disbursed without a notice of disbursement having first been transmitted to the Ziu at least fourteen days prior to the disbursement, except that disbursements solely for the purpose of postage may be made with no less than 24 hours notice. Notices shall contain details of the purchase and a cost estimate for the purchase, or the total amount paid if seeking funds for reimbursement. Copies of receipts and/or invoices will be provided upon request to Members of the Ziu.

FURTHERMORE, any funds allocated by this section shall be retained in the central fund by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue until such time as they are disbursed. Funds not disbursed prior to the end of the government term shall remain in the central fund.

PART B. Fundraiser, Minting, and Other Authorizations

FURTHERMORE, the Minister of Finance, or her appointed deputy shall undertake to create manage and promote a voluntary fundraising campaign,  to the citizens of Talossa and other interested parties over the course of the term. The targeted amount for the campaign shall be ℓ133¤20 ($200). The proceeds of seignorage, sales of stamps, TalossaWare proceeds, and other voluntary contributions shall be included in this total except as provided elsewhere. The expected income for the term is as follows:

    Proceedings of sales (Coins/Stamps/Talossaware) + Donations to the Kingdom: ℓ133¤20 ($200)
    Registration fees for Cosa election: ℓ20 ($30)
    Registration fees for Senäts election: ℓ10 ($15)
    Interest on Talossa's bank accounts: ℓ3¤20 ($5)

Total: +ℓ166¤40 (+$250)

PART C: Investment Policy

FURTHERMORE, His Majesty’s Government hereby directs the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue to invest all held funds into a high-interest savings account unless or until otherwise directed or advised by act of the Ziu.
The Hopper / Re: Combined Compromise
« Last post by Miestră Schivă, UrN on September 08, 2021, 03:56:27 PM »
For me, the only thing I can't stomach in these suggestions is the 10 rather than 7 year term. That's too long for radical democrats and republicans, and will not get a single extra vote from monarchists.
Wittenberg / Re: 2021 TMT20?
« Last post by Ian Plätschisch on September 07, 2021, 10:06:11 PM »
There are still 27 songs left to be nominated FYI
The Hopper / Re: Combined Compromise
« Last post by Ian Plätschisch on September 07, 2021, 05:08:39 PM »
Substantive differences:
Longer term (10 years)
Slightly different composition of the Conclave
Shorter period of reflection
Addition of language concerning the oath of office to be taken in a live session similar to the state opening ceremony

Minor differences:
Name of heir changed from "heir presumptive" to "King-Elect"

Additional comment:
The recent changes suggested by Distain Schiva on the "Compromise on the Compromise" would also be changes supported for this "Combined Compromise."
Any particular reasons why you propose these changes?
I thank the Member for her question. Even though she supports the Government, she is carrying out a vital function which should be that of the Opposition in a parliamentary democracy; that is, keeping the Government on its toes.
I go through the various portfolios of my Government in alphabetical order.

CULTURE AND DEFENCE: we refer the Member to the relevant Minister’s extremely thorough reporting on progress with his manifesto commitments at We also note the Minister’s recent initiatives in organising Talossan video-conference chats.

FINANCE: the Budget for the 56th Cosa is nearing completion, as the relevant Minister has already explained in response to another Terpelaziun. The Minister has also been making progress on the Eiffler commemorative stamp, and on investment options for the Kingdom's reserves; the latter will be the subject of a fuller report from the Minister himself.
The Minister, and myself on behalf of the Government, sincerely regret that the pressures of life outside Talossa have caused a delay and thus required the current month of recess.

FOREIGN: The Minister has been in contact with a number of micronations and have been considering appointments of ambassadors - not only per country, but per geographical region.

INTERIOR: the Interior Ministry in this term has revived La C’hronica, the main way in which “active Talossa” can keep “inactive Talossa” up to speed on what’s happening. The revival of the TalossAssistant program is currently on hold while the Ministry of STUFF finds out whether a proposed “random assignment” of interested citizens to prospectives is allowable under European privacy regulations. The Minister notes that he will be on leave for the next couple of weeks due to family issues.

JUSTICE: the Attorney-General has made a very rapid start to her responsibilities. Her bill to remove Wisconsin Law from Talossan law passed the First Clark and was not vetoed, and is therefore in force. A bill on improving the process of lawmaking has attracted worthwhile debate and amendments from other parties and is ready for the next Clark. She has also done her part to revive the Talossan Bar by sitting the bar exam herself, and is currently awaiting results. She is also involved in an embryonic cross-party initiative to restore the “Real Cosa” rules of 1997-2003, thus making progress on every single one of her commitments in the Coalition Agreement.

STUFF: The Minister of STUFF, like the Minister of Finance, is currently snowed under with extra-Talossan commitments. He promises to be more active after the middle of this month. Nevertheless, he has progressed in examining software solutions to upgrade the current National Database, and has been available to correct issues with the National Website as and when they come up.

Thank you again for your question.

Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM
Seneschal of Talossa
The Lobby / Speech from the Throne, 56th Cosa
« Last post by King John on September 03, 2021, 11:56:42 AM »
To our colleagues in the Senate and the Members of the Cosă, greetings.

It is with the greatest pleasure we open the 56th Cosa of the Kingdom of Talossa. We would like to first commend all incoming Members of the Ziu on their election as well as those returning after absence or joining the body for the first time. As we look ahead to the term before us, we are confident that the incoming Government has the very best intentions for the growth and success of Talossa at heart.

We congratulate General Txoteu Davinescù on being elected to the office of Seneschal for the first time by the Cosă. Though a new face in the role as the Kingdom’s Head of Government, Gen. Davinescù has proven a dedicated champion for Talossa since becoming a citizen of the Kingdom just over five years ago. Having a strong working relationship with the outgoing Seneschal, Gen. Davinescú has named Dama Miestra as both Distain and Attorney-General for the coming term, and we look forward to building a solid relationship of cooperation and respect.

We also congratulate the members of the incoming Cabinet: S:reux Valcádac'h, Plätschisch, Rôibeardescù, S:reux Grischün, and Lux, and of course, Dama Miestra. It gives us great pleasure to formally appoint them to the posts chosen for them by the Seneschal, and to thank them in advance for their service.

Seneschal Davinescù, as both the incoming Head of Government and a Minister in the outgoing Government, has asked me to express his particular satisfaction in he and his colleagues’ achievements over the last term, including:

The successful passage of the Ranked Choice Referendum, which was followed by the Historic Compromise passed by Senate and Cosa toward the end of last term.

The successful campaign for “voluntary taxation” (stamp and coin sales), which netted $US65, doubling the income from such sources over last year.

A Talossan digital art show.

A successful legal reform programme, in which almost all the laws pertaining to the various Government Ministries were updated, streamlined, stripped of obsolescence and made fit for purpose.

A successful National Honours Investiture, in which We issued the recipients of honours professional Letters Patent, at no cost to the Government

We specifically wish to commend returning Minister of STUFF, S:reu Grischün, for not only his outstanding work on the Second National Activity Survey, which an increased number of citizens gave their honest, anonymous opinions as to the way forward for our nation but also the complete revamping of the National Webspace and the creation of, our very own social network.

This term, our Government will enact a vibrant Cultural platform including the creation of new language learning materials, organizing entertaining and interest-driven cultural events to strengthen the Kingdom’s cultural depth, and coordinating and facilitating regular meetups to further connect our citizens beyond the text-based medium of the Witt. Additionally, work will resume on one of our nation’s most important cultural works… the New Talossan History Project. We will work with the Government to develop, formalize and approve the physical forms of the trappings of monarchy and chivalry including Letters Patent and official State Awards. By doing this, it will enable the Government to further expand use of the Talossan Honours System.

This term, our Government will further expand the current programme of the Royal Zuavs in rewarding the use and learning of the Talossan language. Additionally, we will work with the Government in the enactment of a formal military awards structure and incorporating those awards into a new Talosssan ‘Order of Precedence’ within El Lexhatx F.

This term, our Government will re-run the already successful “Patriot Points” programme in an effort to encourage voluntary taxation and the purchase of Talossan coins and stamps, while also working with the Royal Bank and Post on the commissioning of a special stamp commemorating the life and passing of former UC Justice John Carl Eiffler. Deputy Minister of Finance Munditenens Tresplet will lead the efforts to continue investigating naming a Registered Agent for Talossa in the State of Wisconsin, to enable Talossa to own online and other property as an Unincorporated Association under Wisconsin law. Additionally, research more lucrative investment destinations for the Kingdom’s reserves, in collaboration with the Burgermeister of Internal Revenue.

This term, our Government will work to return to active engagement with the Micronational world, including active fostering of diplomatic relationships and exploring implementing dual citizenships. As part of this effort, the Government will return to actively appointing ambassadors, with a special emphasis of Ambassadorial appointments to friendly Micronational allies. Additionally, in furthering our return to active participation in the greater Micronational community, they will seek to have a presence at MicroCon 2022… the upcoming micronational summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. To compliment those efforts and the likely increased interest from the greater Micronational community, our Government will set up a Landing Pier on Wittenberg where non-citizens will be free to participate along with Talossans, as so long as they maintain appropriate behaviour.

This term, our Government will work with the appropriate Ministries to raise funds for charity through games, tournaments and quizzes, paying particular attention to the Cestoûr population of the Greater Talossan Area and the nearby Milwaukee region. Our Government will again prioritize the exciting concept of “Talossa you can hold in your hands”, starting with new a national ID card program and also including other patriotic items, such as flags of various sizes and apparel. Our Government will revive the monthly Government newsletter in an effort to keep all citizens informed of recent Talossan events and issues facing the nation. Efforts will also be expanded in support of Talossa’s newest citizens through the creation of a packet of information which will allow new citizens to quickly and effectively understand what it means to be a citizen of Talossa. These new citizens will be further aided with the restart of the TalossAssistant Programme. And, in an effort to continue cultural growth, our Government will introduce legislation to transform the Council of Governors into a body designed to promote provincial cultural peculiarities and inter-provincial cultural and sporting competition.

This term, our Government will work with the Uppermost Cort to revive the Talossan Bar. Our Government will continue to work to improve the process of lawmaking to create greater scrutiny and wider input, with the top priority being to ensure the CRL (Legislative Review Committee) functions properly, with other possible reforms to include having each bill go through multiple readings in the Ziu, and for the Cosă and the Senäts to consider bills separately. Our Government will ensure that any further fundamental Organic Law reforms, including the question of a unicameral Ziu or a “Real Cosa”, will be referred to a Standing Committee of the Ziu representing all elected parties. Furthermore, efforts will proceed with the removal of Wisconsin law from El Lexhatx and its replacement by indigenous Talossan equivalents.

This term, our Government will continue updating Talossa’s online presence with the next step being to fully integrate the Chancery Database with the National Webspace, thereby making it easier and more transparent to administer. Our Government will work with Ministry of Culture to promote live video and Instant-Messaging interactions between Talossans, and to promote the social media site. Additionally, our Government will investigate technological ways to alert existing citizens to new prospectives, including ways to encourage prospectives to “introduce themselves” in a way which improves citizen engagement. Furthermore, our Government will use the Talossan Job Centre to fill vacancies in the Talossan governing apparatus, and to fit interested citizens to appropriate jobs.

In closing, we offer our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to all Talossans whose lives have been touched by the global COVID-19 pandemic and join the Heads of State throughout the world calling on cooperation and support in defeating this enemy of humanity together as one people. We applaud the Government for continuing to stand ready to enact a Solidarity Fund to support any Talossans placed in financial peril due to COVID-19. The collective health & safety of the people of our great nation remains the primary concern of the Talossan government.

We once more offer our best wishes to all Talossans, and we hope for nothing less than that the 56th Cosă be even more productive than the last; opening the door to a bright and productive future for our beloved Nation.

¡Så vivadra Talossa!
Wittenberg / Re: 2021 TMT20?
« Last post by Ian Plätschisch on September 01, 2021, 09:27:12 PM »
See the chat room for the official thread. Songs nominated here will be added, don't worry
The Hopper / Re: The law on Terps
« Last post by Viteu on September 01, 2021, 05:11:01 PM »
El Lexhatx H.2.1 states as follows:

Any Member of the Cosă (MC) or Senator may at any time between the First and Last Clark of a Cosă Term, table in “The Ziu” board on Witt, or its equivalent, a “c (PQ)” or “Terp” in a new thread or its equivalent.

Neither El Lex, nor the bill which introduced this language (44RZ1), nor the Hopper thread on 44RZ1, gives any hint what in blue blazes a "c (PQ)" might possibly be. Could Dama Litz herself enlighten us?

Terpelaziun literally means "question in cosa" so my guess is "cosa parliamentary question."  This would track with a proposed EQT statute,, as well as the original act that appears to only have applied to MCs in Living Cosas (although in practice not so limited). I could be completely off the mark.
The Cosa / Re: 56th Cosă -- Month of Recess Discussion Thread
« Last post by Miestră Schivă, UrN on September 01, 2021, 04:51:07 PM »
Point of order, est. Túischac'h: are Terpelaziuns also allowed? It would be a poor thing if the Ziu could not keep the Government to account during "months of recess" (which are technically just months of no votes). Oh, I see you've already allowed this. Never mind.
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