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Hello, yes. Please to be clarking the UC Inactivity Definition Bill.
The Lobby / Call for bills - 54th Cosa, 6th Clark - June 2020
« Last post by Glüc da Dhi S.H. on Today at 05:00:24 PM »
It is my pleasure to open call for bills of the June 2020 Clark.

Eventually, the clark can be viewed in real time here:

www.talossa.ca/files/cosa_vote_result.php?cosa=54&clark=6 (for the votes)

and here:

www.talossa.ca/files/clark.php?cosa=54&clark=6 (for the bills )

It is NOT too late to submit bills, of course, as you have OFFICIALLY until the morning of the 31st of this month, provided your bills have been in the Hopper before end of business day the 26th, of course. I will make the Clark on June 1st's morning and bills submitted up to a few hours before that will probably also be taken.

PLEASE note that in order to support a bill, you need to:

1 ) Be a Senator, the Secretary of State or the King
2 ) Have been nominated as a Cosa Member for the upcoming Clark BEFORE the 26th,

To vote on the Clark, you will have 3 options:

1 ) You will be able to vote in the Clark thread (which will be created later on the 1st of June), or in a separate Senate or Cosa voting thread. I will enter your votes in the DB.

2 ) You will be able to vote directly in the database, using your usernumber and DB password (which you can retrieve at: www.talossa.ca/files/login.php using the PSC of the election) or by login via Facebook (which requires manual activation on my part).

Glüc da Dhi
Secretary of State
Wittenberg / Re: Citizenship Petition for Nick K.
« Last post by Ian Plätschisch on Today at 02:37:51 PM »
Who is Francesco Manzella?)
Also very nice to see that petition, thanks!
I got caught copying and pasting someone else’s petition, oops!
Wittenberg / Re: Citizenship Petition for Nick K.
« Last post by Bitour Scurzniescu on Today at 02:16:45 PM »
Who is Francesco Manzella?)
Very nice to see that petition, thanks!
Wittenberg / Re: Financial Update, May 11, 2020
« Last post by Istefan Perþonest on Today at 01:42:08 PM »
Ally has been solid for us so far, I think?
Yep.  Nary a problem in the 7+ years we've been with 'em for checking, no fees, and the savings account rate's always been at least competitive.

(There are a few established places offering 1.30% APY right now for balances in our range, but they're places that don't also support checking accounts.  Trading $0.50 or so a year in interest for fast and easy transfers from savings to checking and back is, in my opinion, entirely worthwhile.)
Wittenberg / Re: Financial Update, May 11, 2020
« Last post by GV on Today at 10:11:50 AM »

Can you share a bit more info about Varo? I am familiar with Ally Bank but not this particular institution.

Varo Money is a app-centered "fintech" startup base in San Francisco, something like three years old, that just got formal regulatory approval to be a "real" national US bank.

That kind of background means I'm a little bit concerned that if we swapped to them, we could have troubles as a result of them going under.  Not lose-the-deposit troubles, since they're FDIC insured (that is, the US government backs depositors to $250,000, an amount we're well under), but still various possible difficulties involving access.  That made a switch not worthwhile given that it translated to a bit over $3/year in interest at our current balance, but if Ally cut rates again this year and if Varo Money stayed where it was, then it might have become worthwhile, which is why I was keeping an eye on them.

You might notice I used the past tense there.  They've dropped their rate to 1.41% since my last post, which not only means the immediate incentive went down, but indicates that they will indeed drop rates pretty much in concert with the overall market (including Ally) in the future.  Which isn't remotely surprising, but also means it's not worth the hassle of a switchover, or risks that might attend their going under.

Based on what you said about Varo previously, I would have been very leery of switching to that outfit.  Ally has been solid for us so far, I think?  Thanks for all you do!
Wittenberg / Re: To whom is the Senator referring?
« Last post by Miestrâ Schiva, UrN on Yesterday at 10:51:33 PM »
For statements made in the Senate, I'd would have rather answered there. Who I hold responsible doesn't make a difference.

No, no. You don't get to do that. You don't get to smear "unnamed individuals" and leave them unnamed, so everyone can wonder about who you mean, or if you have secret information. That's what Joseph McCarthy used to do.

Name names, or admit you're making mischief.
As we have moved to a new Witt, we should have our Constitution of this Province on display in our halls, so here it is :-

WE, the citizens of the Talossan Province of Atatürk, in order to assure the vibrant and continued life of our Province, ESTABLISH the following Constitution for the governance of Atatürk. This constitution shall serve as the guide for the citizens and highest provincial law for the province of Atatürk. It shall be superseded only by the following: the dictates of the Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa, the statutory law of the Kingdom of Talossa as pertaining to the specific limits of the power of the national Ziu as detailed within that Organic Law, and the rights of the citizenry as ensured by that Organic Law's Covenant of Rights and Freedoms. This constitution shall be considered to fulfill the requirements for provincial "rules of operations" as detailed in Article XVII, Section 9, paragraph D of the Organic Law, for the province of Atatürk alone, and shall be considered so in perpetuity. This constitution shall only be repealed or amended by the process detailed within this document. Upon proclamation of this Constitution, all Laws contrary to its provisions or superseded thereby, are instantly repealed. Other Laws, which are not in conflict with this Constitution, shall remain in force.


Section 1:
The name of the Province is Atatürk.

Section 2:
Citizens of the Province of Atatürk shall be known as Atatürkeys or Atatürkers. A status of “Good Standing” will be granted to citizens who have voted in the most recent General Election.

Section 3:
The Official Languages of Atatürk shall be El Glheþ Talossan, and English.

Section 4:
The Provincial Flag, Arms, and other Patriotic Depictions not established in this Constitution shall be decided by Law.

Section 5:
The subdivisions of the Province of Atatürk consist of the Cantons of Flúvia-Montevúdio and Abbavilla. The Capital of Atatürk is Abbavilla in the Canton of Abbavilla.


Section 1:
Provincial lawmaking powers will be vested in the Atatürk House of Commons. The number of seats in the House of Common shall equal 10% of the number of seats in the Cosa. The allocation of the seats amongst political parties will correspond to the percentage of provincial votes each registered party received in the most recent General Election, rounded to the nearest whole number, to be assigned by party leaders, in accordance with Article VI of the Organic Law.

Section 2:
Members of the House of Commons shall be Atatürkeys in good standing, at least fourteen years of age, and shall not have a criminal record in Talossa.

Section 3:
The House of Commons will elect one member of the House of Commons to be the Speaker of the Chamber and Executive of Atatürk, or the Başbakan, by a majority vote. The Başbakan will serve for the duration of a Cosa, unless removed by a two-thirds vote of the House of Commons. The Başbakan will coordinate the business of the House of Commons, maintain order, and may dictate points of order and rules of conduct with the chamber.

Section 4:
The Başbakan is entitled to use the Provincial Gong to keep order in debates, and may also wield the Ceremonial Mace of Atatürk.

Section 5:
The House of Commons will meet on an "as-needed" basis when called to do so by the Başbakan. If the House of Commons has not assembled for business for a period of 6 months, the Başbakan will call for a general meeting of the House of Commons to allow for the introduction of any new business and to discuss the overall state of affairs in the Province.

Section 6:
Any member of the House of Commons may, at any time, present proposed measures to the Başbakan within the House of Commons chambers, which will be known as Bills. The Başbakan will then issue a "Summons to Vote" to the House of Commons by posting a clearly-marked thread on Wittenberg, or in a prominent place on the streets of Atatürk. It is acceptable for the Başbakan to hold a Bill for up to 14 days before issuing a "Summons to Vote" should he/she feel that more discussion is required to bring the proposal into a suitable condition for a vote, or to allow for two or more proposals to be presented for vote at one time.

Section 7:
Upon calling for a vote, the Başbakan will make a reasonable effort to assure that every member of the House of Commons is given suitable opportunity to cast their vote. All votes will be public, and voting will be closed at the end of the 14th day following the call to vote. Votes may be cast by posting in the thread of a "Summons to Vote," and by any other methods deemed suitable by the Başbakan.

Section 8:
A Bill that functions as a provincial statute requires a simple majority to pass. A Bill that would change the system of governance (such as abolishment or amendments to a constitution) will be known as a referendum and require a 2/3 majority within the House of Commons and subsequent approval by a majority of Atatürkeys.

A: The Başbakan may call for a provincial vote on a referendum at any time during the term of a Cosa. If a vote has not been conducted prior to the General Election, the Başbakan shall make every reasonable effort to contact all Atatürkeys and inform them of the additional referendum vote.

B: The vote may take place via similar methods outlined in Article II, Section 7 above.

Section 9:
Should a Bill pass the House of Commons, it shall be submitted to the King or to his Cunstaval for Royal Assent. Upon signature by the King or his Cunstaval, a Bill immediately carries the force of Law within the boundaries of this fair Province.

Section 10:
The King or his Cunstaval may Veto a Bill, thereby returning it to the House of Commons, who may reconsider it. If the King or his Cunstaval does not sign or Veto a Bill within three weeks of its passage of the House of Commons, he shall be deemed to have signed it, and it shall enter into law.

Section 11:
The House of Commons shall not pass acts of attainder.


Section 1:
The Cunstaval is appointed by the reigning monarch of Talossa as the formal representative of the Crown in Atatürk.

Section 2:
In accordance with Article III, Section 2 of the Organic Law, the Cunstaval has the equivalent royal powers as the monarch within Atatürk.


Section 1:
The Province of Atatürk reserves the right to establish a provincial judicial system in accordance with the Organic Law.


This Constitution may be amended only by the process outlined in Article II, Section 8 above.


Seeing as how us Atatürkeys decided that we might like one of those Con-sti-too-shun things and drafted one on a really fancy piece of restaurant place mat, in crayon, it’s now my turn to put on a hat of some fashion and proclaim it in as much of an official capacity as my sobriety allows.

Me BRAD, by proximity of birth and great stoke of luck, flunky and stooge (also known as Cunstavál) of JOHN, by the Grace of God King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk, do hereby proclaim the Provincial Constitution of Atatürk as was ratified by the citizens of Atatürk on the 16th of February.

Done with one hand tied behind my back in the City of Norfolk in Virginia, this feast of Saint Cuthbert, the 20th day of March in the year of salvation 2010, being the 31st of the independence of Talossa, and of our gracious sovereign JOHN’S reign the 3rd.
Wittenberg / 'Invasion of the Androids' now online.
« Last post by GV on Yesterday at 07:43:49 PM »

While I've been away from Witt this past month, profound work has been going on with the Royal Archives, particularly in the last week.  Highlights include:

- www.libraryoftalossa redirects to the Talossa Wiki Library, which has now been designated the official catalog of the Talossan Royal Archives as it should have always been.  This page has been massively updated with new and name-translated material with much more to come.
- 'Invasion of the Androids' for the first time is available in an online-friendly presentation.  TNN and JJ's other work will be available in time.
- Immense behind-the-scenes reorganization of GV's digital archives.

I can now say, finally, the Royal Archives are in such a state if I were to be abducted by aliens, anyone coming across them could make sense of them.  Continued work on more organization is ongoing. 

I began the revamping of the archives in September 2018.  In that time, we've come a long, long way.

GV, RArchivist
Wittenberg / Re: To whom is the Senator referring?
« Last post by Miestrâ Schiva, UrN on Yesterday at 05:31:18 PM »
Yeah, the translation is brown nosing, but it is not a racial slur.  Brown nosing = obsequious ass kissing.  As a Scot would put it, "sooking right up the boss's arse".

In case these idioms go over the Senator's head, let me use a formal term: sycophancy.
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