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The Hopper / Re: CRL Committee
« Last post by Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial on Today at 02:40:43 PM »
The bill itself looks okay on a first glance, but there are typos in the Talossan names that would need fixing:

el Comità da Redacziun Legislatïu > la Comità da Redacziun Lexhislatïu
Mençéi > Mençei
The Hopper / Re: CRL Committee
« Last post by Miestră Schivă, UrN on Yesterday at 09:44:55 PM »
The Hopper / The Legislative Process Improvement Bill #1
« Last post by Miestră Schivă, UrN on Yesterday at 09:41:53 PM »
WHEREAS the quality of legislation passed by the Ziu of our Kingdom has always been of questionable quality, given not only the volunteer, part-time nature of our MCs and Senators, but also of the lack of "professional" legal advisers to proofread amateurishly-written bills;

AND WHEREAS the Hopper itself was an early attempt to improve the process; but has always been hampered by the disinterest or forgetfulness of MCs and Senators in reading legislation until it is Clarked, by which stage it is too late for amendments;

AND WHEREAS the last Cosa brought in el Comità da Redacziun Legislatïu (CRL) to streamline this process, but this body simply did not function in the last Cosa;

AND WHEREAS even if the CRL functions as foreseen in this Cosa, it does not solve the large problem mentioned above, that MCs and Senators do not pay attention to the details of bills until after they are Clarked;

AND WHEREAS the idea of a system of "multiple readings" of legislation before they become law has been raised in the past;

AND WHEREAS the incoming Attorney-General and Túischac'h have agreed on this proposal, which will require a form of "first reading", whereby bills will need a affirmative majority of both houses (along the same lines as a Túischac'h election) to go to the CRL, and subsequently cannot go to Clark for 30 days unless the CRL gives its affirmative say-so;

AND WHEREAS at the very, very worst this bill will only mean a 30-day delay in Clarking bills;

AND WHEREAS there is still an "escape hatch" for cases of legislative urgency, in the provisions of Organic Law VII.6: "The Seneschál shall have the right at his discretion to withdraw any legislative proposal from the Hopper and instruct the Secretary of State to treat it as a properly submitted bill"; and also in the provision for Prime Dictates;

AND WHEREAS a future reform, whereby the Cosă and Senäts will vote separately on legislation to allow even more opportunity for scrutiny and debate, may be presented later in this Cosă term, whether this bill passes or not;

BE IT ENACTED by the King, Cosă and Senäts of Talossa in Ziu assembled

1.  El Lexhatx H.6 shall be replaced in its entirety as follows:

6. No bill may be published in a Clark unless it has passed the Hopper, as provided in this section.

6.1.  All citizens of Talossa are entitled to participate fully in discussions and debates in the Hopper, within the bounds of law and of the decisions of the administering and presiding authorities of the Hopper. Any citizen may submit a draft of legislation to the Hopper, though these shall not be considered to be "legislative proposals" until sponsored by one or more individuals authorised to submit legislative proposals under Organic Law VII.5.

6.2. After a legislative proposal has spent at least 10 days in the Hopper, its proposer may request that it “move to committee”. A bill shall be considered to have “moved to committee” after at least half of the Senators and half of the Cosă seats express their support in the Hopper for it doing so.

6.3. A Legislative Advisory Committee of Talossa (in Talossan, el Comità da Redacziun Legislatïu; and hereinafter, "the CRL") shall review or revise all legislative items from the Hopper once they have moved to committee; and may recommend acceptance or rejection, or suggest amendments in their best judgment.
6.3.1 The CRL shall conduct all its deliberations openly in the Hopper.
6.3.2 The CRL shall consist of the incumbent Mençéi, Túischac'h, and Avocat-Xheneral.
6.3.3. The CRL may create further committees to which their functions may be delegated, as concerns any bill or category of bills. Such a committee must have at least 3 members, including at least 1 MC and at least 1 Senator.

6.4. After the CRL has given its recommendation, or if it gives no recommendation within 30 days of the bill having passed to committee, the sponsor of the bill may ask for it to be Clarked, with or without amendments.
6.4.1 The same bill can not be submitted to the Clark more than once in the same Cosa, unless the original bill was vetoed, the original bill had been retired or voted down by its main sponsor during the voting period, or the bill has been substantially amended, as judged by the Secretary of State.
6.4.2. Bills must be submitted to the Secretary of State more than 24 hours before the publication of the Clark. Bills received less than 24 hours before publication of the Clark shall be published in the next Clark or postponed for one Clark, at the Secretary of State's discretion.

6.5. The Secretary of State is empowered to refuse to put a certain bill on a Clark if said bill;
6.5.1. appears to him to be obviously on its face inorganic, or to have such grave errors as would make it ineffective and/or require further legislation or a Prime Dictate to make it effective.
6.5.2. does not specify exactly the Law(s) or Article(s) which it seeks to amend, change, or repeal, if the bill seeks to amend, change, or repeal any Article of the Organic Law or any Law
6.5.3. is not clearly typed or word-processed; and/or
6.5.4. is so substantially different from its form as a legislative proposal when “passed to committee” that it constitutes a significantly different proposal.
6.5.5. Any such decision shall be subject to judicial review.

6.6. All bills submitted for the Clark shall be in one of the national languages.

6.7. The Secretary of State shall remove legislative proposals from “The Hopper” at the request of the author.
6.7.1 If a legislative proposal has remained in the “The Hopper” for more than 59 days, it shall be considered to have been removed, though any person entitled to do so may subsequently re-publish it.

6.8. Notwithstanding the rules about a bill’s eligibility to be Clarked, if no bill was submitted to the Clark at the moment of publication, the Secretary of State shall be allowed to add to the Clark a simple bill asking for Quorum where Cosa Members and Senators can vote to confirm their presence for the Clark.
6.9. The Secretary of State is under no obligation to create a permanent record of legislative proposals in “The Hopper.”

2. El Lexhatx H.7, H.11, H.12 and H.13 are hereby deleted in their entirety, and Title H of El Lexhatx will subsequently be renumbered.
The Lobby / Re: Cabinet for the 56th Cosa
« Last post by Béneditsch Ardpresteir on July 22, 2021, 12:34:54 PM »
Congratulations to the entire cabinet, and especially to my friend @Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
The Hopper / Re: CRL Committee
« Last post by Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu on July 22, 2021, 08:54:32 AM »
With that fix, I can't find anything particularly problematic in the Criminal Reform Bill.  Nice catch.  So I think we should greenlight it to the Clark.
The Cosa / Re: Order of Business for the August 2021 Clark
« Last post by Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial on July 22, 2021, 05:55:13 AM »
Dear colleagues,

I can't force anyone to participate in this experiment of course, but for this to work I need your support. Announcing your intention to speak beforehand would help me with organising the upcoming Clark debates, so please consider doing so.
Wittenberg / Re: Hosting and Domain Renewal (2021)
« Last post by Istefan Perþonest on July 22, 2021, 05:22:50 AM »
Went ahead and paid this a few minutes ago.

(If one wants to get fully technical, one could argue I jumped the gun on the "at least 14 days' notice" by a bit more than 16 hours. I will of course recuse myself as a judge from hearing any case brought against me as Burgermeister.)
Wittenberg / 55RZ21 does not mean we have to or should dethrone John.
« Last post by GV on July 21, 2021, 11:45:54 PM »
(Personal statement by GV and not a FreeDems party statement)

John Lupul's conduct from August 2020 through March 2021 continues to be apalling, and it is true that situation has been the direct catalyst for 55RZ21 having legs. 

But the day is inevitable when Talossa will have a future rogue monarch. 

On that day, we will be very glad 55RZ21 or something like is around.

Vote with the long eye to a post-John future. 

Votez 55RZ21

GV, Senator for Fiova
The Lobby / Cabinet for the 56th Cosa
« Last post by Þon Txoteu É. Davinescu, O.SPM on July 21, 2021, 09:48:02 PM »
Estimadăs és estimats citaxhiens!

Having been duly elected by the Cosă under Organic Law VI.5, I hereby appoint, under Organic Law VI.8, @Miestra Schiva as Distáin.

Under Organic Law VI.9, I humbly beseech @His Majesty the King of Talossa to appoint the following Cabinet:

@Gödafrïeu Valcádac'h as Minister of Culture and Defence Minister
@Ian Plätschisch as Minister of Finance
@Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù as Foreign Minister
@Senator Eðo Grischün as Minister of STUFF
@Françal I. Lux as Interior Minister
@Miestră Schivă, UrN as Attorney General

With the consent of the respective incoming Ministers, I also announce the following initial list of Deputy Ministers, with their special roles if any:

Deputy Interior Minister: @Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
Deputy Foreign Minister: @Françal I. Lux
Deputy Finance Minister: @Munditenens Tresplet

In Service,
Txoteu Davinescu, O.SPM
The Hopper / Re: CRL Committee
« Last post by Miestră Schivă, UrN on July 21, 2021, 08:55:07 PM »
Yipes! Thanks for picking that up. Will do so in 24 hours hopefully. Done! I had 10 minutes while waiting for the train lol.
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