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Messages - C.d.I. Nouacastra-Läxhirescu, MSC

Honorable Tuischac'h,

I sincerely apologize for the delay in my response. As mentioned above, I have not had too much time to devote to my external affairs due to the nature of my work. I currently work in medical/clinical trials, which takes up the majority of my time.

However, as the Defense Minister, I plan to completely reorganize the military of the Kingdom, which will allow citizens to enlist, or be commissioned based on macro-national education and experience. With this, I plan to create a structure that allows both officer and enlisted personnel to work together, and even offer small incentives based on the servicemember's respective branch of service. This will include military awards and badges, and a formal online training program that meets the servicemember's specific needs.

I plan to create a basic military introduction course, advanced military knowledge course, and offer speciality training for various components of the military.

These changes will affect the Bureau of the Navy and its sub-branches, and the Zouaves.

VoC - Yes

VoC: Yes
1. Ian Plätschisch
2. Brenier Tzaracompadra
Wittenberg / Re: Announcement on Activity
April 30, 2022, 02:29:02 PM
Awesome! I guess the next steps are to gauge interest. If anyone is interesting in pursuing this further, leave your name here and then I'll start a group message to share some ideas that I have privately. If no one is interested (let's hope that's not the case), I'll still go ahead and start working on this.
Wittenberg / Announcement on Activity
April 30, 2022, 01:48:13 PM
May it please the Court, et al,

Upon recently finishing my studies in University, I have decided that the best way to spend my time during this transition period in my life is to give back to Talossa. Upon reading through the many pages of Witt, I came across a thread about the lack of attorneys and lack of activity because of this (see here:

As some may know, there has been a recent influx of admittance of members into the Bar, including myself, after having successfully petitioned the Court for membership and passing my examinations last year.

After reading the brief proposal from Baron Davinescu in the aforementioned thread, I would like to officially declare my intent and availability to accept new cases, should an attorney be needed in the future. Furthermore, I would also like to discuss the possibility of opening a Legal Firm within Talossa. I am willing and able to begin this venture on my own, however, working with other admitted attorneys would ideal. As of yet, I have a few ideas that I am willing to share, should this proposal gain any interest.

I would like to hear the thoughts and comments on this idea from the Court and other attorneys.
I hope it is not too late, however I would indeed like to confirm my status with the College and retain my title! :)
PËR - Much like Iac said, it looks cooler
Deepest apologies for the delayed vote.

1. Txoteu Davinescù
2. Iac Marscheir
Wittenberg / Foreign Affairs Recruitment
March 31, 2021, 02:31:34 PM

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Foreign Ministry will be accepting applications for new Honorary Consuls. Recently, the ministry has seen an increasing number of individuals wishing to serve our Kingdom in their localities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in search of active and interested Talossans willing to share our tiny Kingdom with the rest of the world. All interested applicants should email with the following information:

1. Name (your legal birth name and Talossan name)
2. Your email, phone number, and postal address
3. A 50-word statement as to why you should be appointed as an Honorary Consul.
4. Any other important information we should know

We look forward to hearing from you! Oh, did we mention that all those appointed will receive a free certificate of appointment mailed to their address?

Are you a new citizen interested in getting into Talossan politics? Or a long-time citizen who has never gotten into Talossan politics? Consider joining the Free Democrats of Talossa! The Free Democrats of Talossa is the largest political party in the nation, and membership in the party is open to all Talossan citizens!

We believe...

Talossan culture built by its citizens, not the Government.

N naziun sanc glheþ, c'è 'n naziun sanc coraziun; The state should make, and promote, the widest possible use of the Talossan language.

Talossans should be free to enjoy whatever cultural aspect of our nation that they please.

The enactment of the people's will as demonstrated in the Ranked Choice Referendum.

In slimming down the government: cut down on the number of unnecessary departments, bureaus, and Ministries.

The removal of Wisconsin law from El Lexhátx; Talossan Law without foreign interference!

All interested citizens please feel free to message me with any questions about our party, or how to join us!
El Viestül/The Lobby / Re: [TERP] Foreign
November 15, 2020, 09:22:42 AM
To the members of the Cosa and the Senate...

The Foreign Ministry has continued to advise the Cabinet on which Micro- and Macro- national activities may be of interest to our Kingdom. For example, the ministry was able to advise the Cabinet on which micronational forums were useful and which were not. The Foreign Ministry has also proposed a policy platform to the Cabinet related to this topic. The new platform has yet to be formally written, however it has been discussed and will be written soon.
Maritiimi-Maxhestic / Resignation
August 02, 2020, 08:11:34 PM
Effective immediately, I am resigning from the position of M3 of our province. It has been a pleasure serving you all.