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Cézembre map updates - new map link

I move to accept the homestead application of:
Barclamïu da Miéletz corresponding toère
and surrounding 3 meters as per CAG A13, An Act to secure Homesteads on the Isle of Cézembre

And a location within Zone Authorizee for: 
Consulate of Vuode
corresponding toçons.nuque
Which is located in a place immediately west of Óifisch Rexhital del Tourismeu and surrounding 3 meters

I have also found links for to the Consulate of Cézembre in Vuode at corresponding toéémetteur.indivision.crémeuse
Of interest is a notation of the Martha Coles Community Room nearby at corresponding toénommer.fondamentaux.jurer

I also note that there is listed a Héliport de Cézembre at and I have added it provisionally as well

Perhaps outfits such as utilize this location?
Për, as I suppose it would be odd for me to make any other vote
RAK / Re: DRAFT Cézembre Homestead Association (CHA)
January 25, 2024, 03:48:25 PM
Quote from: Barclamïu da Miéletz on January 25, 2024, 01:06:02 AMI would like to make my homestead claim

Good choice - we will add that to the l'Etats agenda along with the request for the consular office of Vuode on Cézembre.
Things in l'Etats have been fairly loose in terms of adoption of new law.
The process might not need to rise to the level of, but with all citizens having the opportunity to participate in l'Etats there also would not have to be a subsequent referendum, just administration of the process by the Sénéchal (or designee) and certification by the Cunstaval.
Location option suggested

Quote from: þerxh Sant-Enogat on January 21, 2024, 10:48:19 AMSorry also for my abscence here for a few weeks. @xpb 's proposal is indeed much simpler and avoid the fun may-be but the burden for sure of an election.
I also suggest to vote on this one. As the constitution will be modified after this bill and the one for the election of the lord warden, I agree we should have a referendum on the new constitution, at the end of this Cosa ? So we have time to change other parts if needed.
I made a hash out of the last election, and I am sure you would do better.  Howeve, this would make things almost the same by involving those who are interested, and alleviating some administrative tasks.
Wittenberg / Re: good morning from Germany
January 16, 2024, 04:45:24 PM
Quote from: Knobloch on January 15, 2024, 12:15:39 AMI wish everyone a good and successful week.

And to you as well!
It is excellent this legislation has been adopted!

To reprise my note from 2020

Now as Deputy Sénéchal de Cézembre, I request permission to enter into negotiations for a Cézembre Consulate in Vuode, which later would potentially be confirmed by l'Etats de Cézembre.  The best location for this office would appear to be at Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro in Cononation Park, in the canton of Dun Cestour.  This location would support information sessions for Talossans interested in visiting our fair isle (such as for the Haxh), and to conduct such business as may be appropriate between our lands, and in turn the restaurant would provide fuel to sustain these activities.

Alas, the restaurant that was previously on Cézembre has closed, but our Sénéchal @ þerxh Sant-Enogat may be able to suggest an appropriate location in Zone Athorisee, perhaps near the Tourism office.

CCC / Homestead deeds
January 12, 2024, 06:38:00 PM
I recently found some interesting paper at which triggered remembering that I intended to issue printed homestead deeds.  I probably have buried in some spot the proper mailing addresses but some of those may have changed.  Thus I will soon reach out by email &/or PM for appropriate postal information, and also want to encourage new homestead requests.
Wittenberg / Re: Hello to all
January 12, 2024, 05:59:48 PM
I need to remember to say "mir ist kalt" not "ich bin kalt"

it will be 0°F/-18°C in Boulder tonight...
Wittenberg / Re: Independence Day Honours
January 03, 2024, 10:46:43 AM
Indeed I could search for my stamp designs of a decade ago that could be reissued, but I'm thinking in discrete blocks of a variety that can be made to order with a color printer rather than long rolls of a single stamp.  I also have access to laser cutters that could make an attractive coins/medallions with relief features out of gold or silver (or other colors) ofacrylic rather than going through a metal minting process - again being able to be made on demand.
Happy Independence Day!

After the revelry leading up to this auspicious occasion I began to wonder if there is an official drink of the realm for this day?

I nominate coffee.
As we await judgement on the cort case Hammond vs Cézembre, it is with the realm of possibility that my appointment could be denied under some level of sanction.
Wittenberg / Re: Talossan Time zone?
December 24, 2023, 03:09:26 PM
This just popped up in my unread items.

Perhaps a better method would be to adopt which establishes 1000 coordinated beats per day.

posted around 922 on Xmas eve