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C'e'n glheþinaziun del text på la páxhina principal Talossa se siteu. Schi ingenviens tent dals recomendăs, na me.

(Here is a translation of the front page of Talossa's website. If anyone has recommendations, tell me.)


El Glheþ Talossan / La Cosă Seriösă / The Real Deal
« on: September 18, 2020, 09:43:57 PM »
A translation of Andy Weir's short story, "The Real Deal". Link to original text in the document.


Wittenberg / Téu arivat!
« on: December 05, 2019, 08:40:36 PM »
Azul, azul, azul. Suposéu q'acest momaintsch tent estescu vienind duratzie. Gratüleschaziuns es muiteux graschias grülts àls citaxhiens qi tiennent travalats à creatarh acest noveu Wittenberg. Qe lastadra 'n þúsund-ar!

(Hello, hello, hello. I guess this moment's been coming for a long time. Congrats and many great thanks to the citizens who worked to create this new Wittenberg. May it last a thousand years!)

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