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Topics - Iason Taiwos

Wittenberg / Embassy Website
February 07, 2024, 04:39:39 PM
Talossa's Ohio Embassy has a website.
It's still under construction.
(Interested in trading card and role playing games? Nerdy Necessities is your place! Visit the website and consider doing business with us! Support a Talossan owned business! If you happen to be in the area, drop by for a visit!) (Come on, we need to drum up more business so Vitx can hire me as a full time employee. I'm tired of working in the bathtub factory!)
(Right now we are not offering discounts to fellow Talossans. But maybe someday...)
Wittenberg / Talossan Embassy in Ohio
January 05, 2024, 07:36:36 PM
I'm not sure where I should post this, but...
This is our application for establishing a Talossan Embassy in Ohio. Longstanding Talossan citizen and previous Benitian Maestro Vitxalmour Conductour has recently become owner of a business in our small town, and we are enthusiastic about promoting Talossa within it. We have a Talossan flag ready to hang up in the premises, and are in current talks of printing out Talossan promotional flyers to leave near the cash register. From these efforts, we hope to build a solid Talossan community in our area (and hopefully get some more members involved in our local Cjovani subculture.)
Wittenberg / Possible Haxh to Talossa
November 08, 2023, 04:34:54 PM
This may turn out to be one of those crazy ideas that never comes to fruition, but... I enlisted the aid of Vitxalmour Conductour to help find a landmark for Benito. In our researches, we discovered that there seems to be a lot of neat things in Milwaukee. This turned to talk of making a road trip there in the near future, which seems entirely plausible at the moment. (Well, why not? We've both been Talossans for over ten years, and Milwaukee isn't really too far away.) Along with this came the idea of filming the entire thing, making a sort of documentary of our journey. Visiting Talossan historical sites, and maybe meeting up with whatever citizens currently live in or around there. I think it's a good plan. Well, we'll see what happens. This trip is currently tentatively planned for sometime next year. (Knowing my luck, tho, something bad will happen, and the money I've put aside for such a trip will go to unexpected car or house repairs. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)
Wittenberg / Talossa mentioned in Ohio paper
September 22, 2023, 02:04:16 PM

An interesting article I discovered that mentions Talossa. (Cleveland Scene is a free weekly newspaper from Cleveland (duh). I imagine this article saw print in it at one time. (Tracking down a copy for the Talossan Archives might be difficult, people tend not to hang on to these things.))
Wittenberg / Cjovani Culture
December 13, 2022, 07:03:10 PM
With the recent honor given to us by the Talossan government, I thought it was time to reveal more of our culture to the Talossan masses. (This lexicon of ours is a crude work in progress. Nonetheless, I think it is worthy of presenting to the Nation, for those who are interested in establishing their own Talossan subcultures.) (There are doubtless numerous linguistic flaws in this work, however, none of the Talossan language experts we've reached out to for aid have offered any help, so this is what you get.) We hope this will influence others to Talossanize the places they live in.
Wittenberg / Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society
July 07, 2022, 08:28:26 PM
Going to start another quickly inactive Talossan organization because I doubt few of you collect comic books, but we're a real nation and should do what other nations do, so, I hereby establish the Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society. (The Cjovani Comics Library is well over 6000 volumes, with more coming in all the time.)
Wittenberg / Cartoonist Laureate?
April 03, 2020, 03:26:57 PM
As many of you may well be aware, I love comic books. Recently, a comics artist/writer who's work I immensely like, Rick Veitch, was appointed Vermont's Cartoonist Laureate. (Cartoonist Laureate? Who knew there was such a thing? And why doesn't Talossa have one?) As Secretary of Cultural Development (boy, I sure do like repeating that title, don't I?), I thought it would be a fun idea to do a search for Talossa's own Cartoonist Laureate. Any cartoonists in the house? Submit some of your work, we'll present it and have people vote on it. Maybe YOU can be recognized as Talossa's Official Cartoonist!  (We used to have a Poet Laureate, don't know what ever became of that.) I'll come up with some rules and stuff for this later on. (Today was my last day at work, my place is shutting down for at least two weeks because of the Rona, so I'll have plenty of free time for cultural projects.) (Miestra has suggested we do a Talossan recipe contest, which I will make a thread about later, after I've given some thought into how to do it.)
Wittenberg / Happy Mindless Patriotism Day!
March 31, 2020, 02:09:50 PM
As Secretary of Cultural Development, it is my duty to remind you all that today is Mindless Patriotism Day! So, if you can, do something patriotic (whatever that means to you.) (Preferably indoors, and six feet away from other people.)